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January 21, 2015

More Revolutionary Retirement Book-Signings!

We enjoyed a wonderful (and packed!) book-signing event here in NYC hosted by the remarkable Janice Ellig for our book Revolutionary Retirement! 

Her home was full to the brim with wonderful people, and we loved sharing our message of imagining your own personalized visions for retirement.

NYCJan13 Rita Jaye

Revolutionary Retirement Co-Authors Rita Foley & Jaye Smith at the NYC Book-Signing Event

NYCJan13 Rita closeup
NYCJan13 Jaye


Find out more about the book here and about up-coming book-signings and other events here!

October 30, 2014

Successful Book-Signings across the country!

Reboot Partners have been traveling all over the country to share their new book Revolutionary Retirement: What’s Next for YOU? with readers everywhere. 

Co-author Catherine Allen spoke to Merrill Lynch’s Women’s Exchange Private Wealth Management customers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 24th as part of a half day program on reinventing your life. The program drew from both the Reboot Your Life and Revolutionary Retirement books.

photo 2

Back here in New York, co-authors Rita Foley and Jaye Smith presented the book and its research as part of a special seminar at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York entitled Revolutionary Retirement: How to start thinking about retirement when you are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  They spoke to a intergenerational crowd about how to plan their own exciting version of retirement or next-chapter planning, no matter their age!

The co-authors are planning many more speaking events and book-signings across the country.  Check out our Events Page to find one near you!

October 18, 2014

October Newsletter – Launching Revolutionary Retirement!

 RR Book CoverWe are thrilled to announce that our new book, Revolutionary Retirement: What’s Next for YOU? is now available on! It will be available soon in bookstores and other outlets.

Revolutionary Retirement is a comprehensive planning book for retirement that is about lifestyle – how to live the most fulfilling life for the years ahead. It’s way more than financial. The book is a great resource for anyone retiring soon, in the next few years, or already retired. Our extensive research, hundreds of interviews, input from our workshops, and our own life experiences are the foundation for this informative book with its many facts, insights, helpful stories, exercises, and robust appendix.

Topics cover potential concerns and surprises, what you need to know, and so many ideas to explore for continuing to earn money or not. It’s about designing what YOU want. Dream a little and make it happen.

RR Authors Pic All SmilingWe’ve been told by many that Revolutionary Retirement is an easy read and an indispensable tool for Baby Boomers as they approach this next chapter. And here’s what Billy Crystal says: “For anyone thinking of retiring and changing their lives, this is the book for you.”

We are so excited to share what we know and have learned on this important topic and to welcome this book to our body of work. Our dearest hope is that it benefits many, many men and women as they transition to a new chapter of life!

October 14, 2014

Cape Cod Reboot Your Life Retreat 2014 – “What’s Next?”

“As an entrepreneur and founder, the Reboot Retreat was invaluable for giving perspective on what is probably the most important and hardest stage of starting a company: when and how to step back and get out of the way so that it can continue to grow.”

“You were disruptors in healthy ways.”

“I got freedom, wisdom and friends from this retreat.”

“More than I ever anticipated, the three of you provided such a superior level of professionalism, safety and comfort. I will be forever grateful.”

Wow, what a great group of attendees for the October retreat held at Cathy Allen’s house in Cape Cod!  The diversity in backgrounds and ages made it such a rich experience for us all.  The Skills Assessment Exercise went way over time because the advice from the participants to each other was so amazing and insightful.  We just sat back and watched!  Well, we did do a little more than that, but it was so fulfilling to see people bond and support each other is such a spectacular way.  They have organized a reunion for themselves to reconnect next year to stomp grapes and drink wine at one of the attendee’s family vineyard in Willamette Valley, Oregon!

The theme was consistent in answering the question, “what’s next?”…whether it was getting back into the corporate world, taking a long needed sabbatical, reinventing oneself from a medical career, getting onto corporate boards, or deciding now was the time to leave a position.

We dined on the seafood from the region, took walks on the beach to vision the next step, explored the shopping in Chatham, and laughed at the differences in generational approaches to communications and vocabulary.  Who knew that “to goose someone” is to motivate them to take action in their lives?

Cape weather was beautiful two of the days, then rain for another, but we didn’t mind. The setting, the company, the food, the thoughtfulness and generosity of those attending, kept us all warm.

Revolutionary Retirement High Res Book CoverWe were also able to integrate many of the new exercises and concepts from our new book, Revolutionary Retirement: What’s Next for YOU? into the Retreat.  The book just came out this week and is available on  It will soon be available in bookstores and other outlets. We already have gotten some interesting, and good, reviews from readers.  We are planning book parties in several cities this fall and a media push in the next two weeks.  Go to our Events Page to find out how to join us and for information on our 2015 Retreats and Reunions.

Next up: Our New York City Reboot Retreat in February and a Retreat Reunion in DC in the spring!

October 10, 2014

Reboot Story from International Culinary Center

featuredMarkWhat a fabulous reboot story into a new interest/career from our friends at The International Culinary Center! Check out the story of Mark, who left a career in finance to pursue his dream – Pastry Arts!

Read the full article here.