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September 28, 2020

Who Are You Now in This Year of Change? Kickstart Your New Chapter with This Exercise

“This is just what I needed right now. Key questions, fresh eyes. New answers.” — Webinar Participant

We recently offered a free, very well-received webinar on Kickstarting Your New Chapter in Life. We did so because we know that many people are wrestling with thoughts of personal change during this time of Covid-19, as well as pressures related to social, economic, and political change.

We asked two key questions to describe and open the webinar: “Who Am I Now in This Year of Change?” and “What Do I Want to Do Next?”

In the webinars, we talked about the kind of changes one might be considering at this time, including in career, way of working, potential retirement plans, time spent on new interests, lifestyle, even relationships and where one lives. We offered a new exercise we designed to help people reflect and evaluate those considerations at this time.  We share it below so our readers can ask themselves the questions and hopefully begin to find answers.

Reboot Partners Exercise:  Who Am I Now In This Year of Change

  • What have I learned about myself during this time of staying at home/changed routine?
  • What did I enjoy and what did I dislike?
  • How did it change my relationship with my spouse/partner? With friends? Kids? Parents?
  • How did it change my spending patterns? Did I like that or not, and why?
  • What healthy (or unhealthy) patterns did I develop, and do I want to continue or change them?
  • How do I feel about where I am living…from my house or apartment to the city and state I am living in?
  • How did my work environment change? If working from home, what do I like about it and what don’t I like?
  • Am I fulfilled in my work or other activities? Do I have new passions and interests to add to or replace what I do? What new do I want to learn?
  • Given my experiences and these answers, what do I want more of in my future? Less?
  • What is my ideal situation in 2021…what would I change about my life?

August 23, 2020

First Reboot and Reinvent Virtual Series – Success!

“This amazing webinar series came at just the right time and format for me. What I learned about myself and how I can move forward will change my life. A thousand thanks to my fellow participants and the outstanding Reboot Partners!”– Participant, Reboot and Reinvent Your Life NOW Webinar Series

In July, as COVID continued to challenge everyone, we piloted a virtual program that took our Reboot Your Life retreats and books online, so even during a pandemic people could discover how to reboot and reinvent their lives. When we gathered with a small group of changeseekers on Zoom — they with pre-sent workbooks and we with colorful slides and multiple exercises— we hoped for an in-depth, successful experience with the materials and each other. For five sessions of 90 minutes each, we talked and had breakout rooms (very popular with this group!). After each session, there was homework of key exercises as part of each participant building their own pathway forward.

We think it worked. We know it worked! The conversations and depth of sharing and development of new perspectives by participants were amazing. Hurdles fell away, or were at least addressed with strategies. Ideas were born. Roadmaps were laid down. Confidence was increased. The pandemic was a backdrop but not an inhibitor. In fact, the changed and challenging circumstances we all have been facing opened minds and hearts to new visions.

In a word each, here are their feelings after the last session: “Fulfilled.” “Grateful.” “Appreciative.” “Motivated.” “Enlightened.” “Inspired.”

We Reboot Partners are grateful to this first group. You all are outstanding human beings and were wonderful participants. Thank you for your enthusiasm and contributions to the group. We are wishing you all the best and look forward to staying in touch.

We will welcome the next group in September. Join us September 8, 10, 15, 17, and 22! And don’t miss a free, introductory webinar August 25 (repeated September 1) on “3 Key Steps to Reinventing Your Life.” Tell your friends!

May 19, 2020

Free Reboot Zoom Series Completed

When the coronavirus lockdowns began, we asked ourselves what we could do to reach out to people and be helpful in some way. We decided to share some thoughts weekly on Zoom. The free six-part Reboot Webinars took place every Wednesday from April 8 to May 13. Someone called it Reboot Wednesdays, which we loved. We called it “Shift Your Perspective – How to Use Your Time at Home to Think About What You Really Want to Do in Your Next Chapter.”

The topics on the journey looked like this:

  • New perspectives – navigating a forced sabbatical (April 8)
  • Journaling: from technique to insightfulness (April 15)
  • Circle Goals to plan ahead in a whole-of-life way (April 22)
  • Transformational walking meditation to envision your future (April 29)
  • New ways to stay engaged with friends, family, and others (May 6)
  • Ways to weather the financial downturn (May 13)

Along the way, we learned how to host Zoom calls (!) and shared ideas from our 14 years of work, 11 years of retreats, and two books together. We also developed new ideas relevant to this unusual time, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing faces of new and old friends and hearing their questions and ideas. We thought hard every week about what information might be helpful and thought-provoking as people – each with different circumstances – are working through this time and reflecting on what is next.

It has been a joy for us and has inspired us. We hope those who joined us were inspired too. Certainly, the thank yous and comments indicated you did. We will continue to offer our Reboot Your Life retreats, with one November 6-8, 2020 (COVID-permitting) in Santa Fe, NM, and we also will be offering new virtual Reboot programs in the near future. Stay tuned!

May 1, 2020

Transformational Walking Meditation to Envision Your Future

In the April 29 Reboot Webinar in our free series on using this unusual time for looking ahead, Jaye Smith talked about the power of a walking meditation to bring up one’s subconscious desires for the future. Last week, Nancy Bearg talked about Circle Goals to plan holistically for the year ahead in categories important to you. (see separate blog) We got the order wrong! The walking meditation is first, as we do in our retreats and books. It helps you visualize what you want in life going forward so that you can then plan toward that goal or those goals.

Why a walking meditation? Walking is calming and opens the brain synapses from left to right. Your brain goes from the practical to the more creative side, answering the question “what if?” And taking the time to walk for 30 minutes gives you the free time for thinking about the “what if.”

Jaye laid out the walking meditation process. A walking meditation begins with your writing down a question that becomes your mantra for the walk. Your question can be about what your ideal life look like in 12 months, or what will my retirement look like, or where will I be living or what new things do I want to do that connect to my life’s passion, or whatever you are wondering about or a question you would like to have an answer for.

Keep saying it as you walk. What comes to mind? You might see things that you make a metaphorical connection to: a bridge, trees, flowers, dogs, clouds, colors, light, sand, people. . .Focus on the images, thoughts, and ideas that form as you are walking and letting your mind wonder and imagine. There is no judgment. Whatever you come up with is good. If you are surprised by what you imagine, sit with it and think about the connections to your past and other ideas you might have had. Take time to sit quietly and write it down afterward. You might be surprised at how meaningful or clarifying it is, even if the result is peppered with more questions.

Jaye also led us through a guided meditation, asking us to get into a comfortable sitting position and take three deep breaths to ground ourselves. She posed the questions below. Perhaps you can record yourself reading the following slowly, then listening to it as you place yourself in a future place and time. Once completed, you should write down your thoughts in your journal or place you can return to.

  • As you wake up in the morning, what do you see? Is there someone with you?
  • When you look out the window what do you see?
  • What do you do in the morning: exercise, read, eat breakfast, coffee?
  • As you prepare for the day and you begin dressing, what are you wearing? Business clothes, more comfortable clothing?
  • Do you head out of the house or stay at home? Working or not? When you do go to a location, how do you get there: car, walk, cycle, bus, subway?
  • When you arrive, what is the place like? What are you looking forward to today?
  • As you go through your day, what are you doing that gives you pleasure? Who are you with?
  • As your day winds down, and looking back over your day, what do you appreciate most?
  • You are back at home relaxing and thinking about your day. What are you grateful for?
  • What will you look forward to tomorrow?

Both types of visualization and meditative practices are effective. Take some time to do either. Most people report that they prefer the walking meditation. The movement really does help as does being in nature, walking silently and without other distractions.

Allow yourself to dream and imagine what’s possible. Your dreams can become a reality as they crystalize and as you gain clarity on the direction of your goals.

April 8, 2020

FREE Webinar / April 8, 2020

Thank you for registering for tonight’s webinar!

Our first topic is: “New Perspectives – Navigating a Forced Sabbatical”  

The Webinars will take you on a journey through:
> How to use journaling
> Circle Goals to plan ahead in a whole-of-life way
> Transformational walking meditation to envision your future
> How to stay engaged with friends, family, and others
> Ways to weather the financial downturn 

These short weekly sessions are offered FREE to anyone joining us via Zoom on your mobile device or laptop.

The FREE series will go from Wednesday, April 8 through Wednesday, May 13, at 5pm (ET). Please use the information and link below to access the first FREE Webinar tonight from 5pm-5:20pm (ET)

We look forward to seeing you there.

Stay safe and we will see you Wednesday, April 8th!

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