“This is just what I needed right now. Key questions, fresh eyes. New answers.” — Webinar Participant

We recently offered a free, very well-received webinar on Kickstarting Your New Chapter in Life. We did so because we know that many people are wrestling with thoughts of personal change during this time of Covid-19, as well as pressures related to social, economic, and political change.

We asked two key questions to describe and open the webinar: “Who Am I Now in This Year of Change?” and “What Do I Want to Do Next?”

In the webinars, we talked about the kind of changes one might be considering at this time, including in career, way of working, potential retirement plans, time spent on new interests, lifestyle, even relationships and where one lives. We offered a new exercise we designed to help people reflect and evaluate those considerations at this time.  We share it below so our readers can ask themselves the questions and hopefully begin to find answers.

Reboot Partners Exercise:  Who Am I Now In This Year of Change

  • What have I learned about myself during this time of staying at home/changed routine?
  • What did I enjoy and what did I dislike?
  • How did it change my relationship with my spouse/partner? With friends? Kids? Parents?
  • How did it change my spending patterns? Did I like that or not, and why?
  • What healthy (or unhealthy) patterns did I develop, and do I want to continue or change them?
  • How do I feel about where I am living…from my house or apartment to the city and state I am living in?
  • How did my work environment change? If working from home, what do I like about it and what don’t I like?
  • Am I fulfilled in my work or other activities? Do I have new passions and interests to add to or replace what I do? What new do I want to learn?
  • Given my experiences and these answers, what do I want more of in my future? Less?
  • What is my ideal situation in 2021…what would I change about my life?