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Reboot Partners, LLC offers innovative solutions for men and women, mostly ages 35-75+, looking to renew, rework, and reboot their lives through integrated approaches to learning and experience. Some will have lost their jobs or are looking to change jobs. Some will be thinking about retiring and trying something new. Others will be trying to figure out what’s next after long months of the pandemic. Our retreats and workshops, webinars, speaking events, and forums are outstanding opportunities for you or your organization to join in a “deep dive” into issues surrounding career breaks, retirement, or other change.

You will come away with a framework and tools to help guide you through any career decision and take home concrete ideas and plans of action. You will go from making the first, sometimes unnerving, decision to take time off or retire from your current position, to developing ways to fund your freedom, to discovering how to make the best use of your time and planning your next chapter. Hurdles are exposed and examined; strategies evolve. Exercises open the mind, and others in the group provide shared knowledge, experience, and a sense of community. Expect to be challenged in your thinking, surprised by what you learn, and to have fun along the way.

All of our programs feature and are enriched by our years of working with professionals from a wide range of fields and ages through major job and life changes, as well as extensive research interviewing individuals and organizations.



Free Webinars for Reboot and Reinvent Your Life NOW Program and life in general

These 45-minute free webinars give a glimpse into the Reboot process from experts who know. More than that, they are timely and offer exercises and insights for life. Many of our past retreat participants attend, and we have new people every time. The free webinars are announced on this website home page and to the right and in emails and newsletters. Sign up for the mailing list on our home page.

In-Person Reboot Your Life TM Retreats

NOTE: SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE RIGHT. RETREATS IN 2024 WILL BE ON REQUEST WITH SELF-FORMED GROUPS RATHER THAN THE NORMAL SCHEDULED RETREATS THAT WE HOST.Join this life-affirming and transformational program over three days of luxury, learning, sharing, and supporting. You will walk away with a plan to get you to your goals.

This small-group retreat is our signature event, which we have done successfully for 15 years. Are you ready to take action on your dreams? Want to meet the challenge of personal and professional reinvention head-on, in the company of other change-seekers? Settle in for a weekend of personal growth, deep connection, and startling results. Together we’ll explore the tough challenges and the rich possibilities of Rebooting and Reinventing.

You’ll leave with:

  1. A new understanding of what you want and how to get there
  2. Techniques for overcoming emotional hurdles and coping with change
  3. New connections with others like you who are ready for a new, better life

Our retreats have been hosted in the beautiful and inspiring locations of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Sag Harbor, New York; The Berkshires; Sun Valley, Idaho; Cape Cod, and New York City. We create for you a place to renew and reinvigorate your life and plan your next chapter. Retreats run from Friday 3:00pm to Sunday 1pm and include gourmet meals, a break to see the area, and the chance to feel the “gift of time” you have given yourself. See below for information on price and cancellation policy.* And see HERE for more information on the retreats.


Individual Virtual Coaching: Your Reboot Personal Trainer

Eager to move forward with a program focused exclusively on YOU? Have a specific challenge that needs attention right now? Talk with us about Reboot coaching sessions tailored to you and your busy life. Whether as a follow-up to one of our events or on its own, our personal trainers offer the attention and insight that only individual coaching can bring. Fully customizable, personal training is a great way to keep your momentum after one of our group sessions! The sessions can be virtual or in person. See pricing and more information HERE.




Please click on link to the right for fees for each retreat. Space at the Reboot Your Life™ weekend retreats is limited. Registrations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration fee includes workshops and all meals and materials.



Before 30 days before the retreat, all but $50.00 will be refunded.
Cancellation 15 to 30 days prior to the retreat, two-thirds of the price refunded.
Cancellation 15 days or less from the retreat, half of the cost refunded.
Cancellation 10 days or less from the retreat that is transferred to a future retreat will incur a $100 transfer fee.



Reasonably priced accommodations for each retreat are available at local inns as well as in elegant local homes.



Upcoming Events

Free Reboot Webinar 
Stay tuned for news of our next free Reboot webinar

ANNOUNCEMENT about 2024 Retreats

We are taking a sabbatical in 2024 from our scheduled Reboot Your Life Retreats. We have enjoyed and learned from doing these retreats for 15 years, often four times a year, and we want to reflect and refresh. It has been wonderful to meet so many of you and watch you form bonds in your retreat groups and soar on your personal journeys. Thank you so much for attending.

We will do a few customized retreats for self-formed groups.  If you or someone you know would like to form a group (6-8 is good) and ask us to present a retreat in your location, please contact us at

We will continue our coaching program, newsletters, and free webinars.

See more information HERE

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