“This amazing webinar series came at just the right time and format for me. What I learned about myself and how I can move forward will change my life. A thousand thanks to my fellow participants and the outstanding Reboot Partners!”– Participant, Reboot and Reinvent Your Life NOW Webinar Series

In July, as COVID continued to challenge everyone, we piloted a virtual program that took our Reboot Your Life retreats and books online, so even during a pandemic people could discover how to reboot and reinvent their lives. When we gathered with a small group of changeseekers on Zoom — they with pre-sent workbooks and we with colorful slides and multiple exercises— we hoped for an in-depth, successful experience with the materials and each other. For five sessions of 90 minutes each, we talked and had breakout rooms (very popular with this group!). After each session, there was homework of key exercises as part of each participant building their own pathway forward.

We think it worked. We know it worked! The conversations and depth of sharing and development of new perspectives by participants were amazing. Hurdles fell away, or were at least addressed with strategies. Ideas were born. Roadmaps were laid down. Confidence was increased. The pandemic was a backdrop but not an inhibitor. In fact, the changed and challenging circumstances we all have been facing opened minds and hearts to new visions.

In a word each, here are their feelings after the last session: “Fulfilled.” “Grateful.” “Appreciative.” “Motivated.” “Enlightened.” “Inspired.”

We Reboot Partners are grateful to this first group. You all are outstanding human beings and were wonderful participants. Thank you for your enthusiasm and contributions to the group. We are wishing you all the best and look forward to staying in touch.

We will welcome the next group in September. Join us September 8, 10, 15, 17, and 22! And don’t miss a free, introductory webinar August 25 (repeated September 1) on “3 Key Steps to Reinventing Your Life.” Tell your friends!