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 Spring is a time for renewal!! 

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Who doesn’t think of spring as the renewal of the earth, with the buds peeking out of the ground and on the trees, the emergence of wildlife, animal births, and the warming days beckoning us outside?  That same sense of renewal can apply to ourselves as well…a time to clear our minds, simplify our lives, and imagine new opportunities, whether they be personal or professional. 

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We are also holding one of our annual Reboot Your Life Retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from April 29-May 1. Learn more and register here. In today’s Reboot Partners Newsletter, we will share a few ideas on simplifying and what keeps us from doing it. The free webinar will be a deeper exploration.

We all seem to be busier than ever in our personal and professional lives. How do we get some of our personal time back and simplify our daily lives?
– Appointment calendars, schedules, and lists are key. It’s the only way to see what needs to be done and when, as well as who can do it. Many families have large calendars on the kitchen wall and add activities; others keep it in daytimers or on calendars on their phones. The point is to write down each week what needs to be done and have a family consultation about it. What can be eliminated? What has to be done? Chart it out by day/week/month to see how you can plan for more personal time and write that in on the schedule.

– Asking for help from your family and friends is a way to delegate things and to make sure everyone is participating in what needs to be done. Even toddlers can be given some responsibility, such as to put their toys away each night before bed, and older children can take on more family jobs each year. Maybe draw for weekly jobs from lists in a bowl. Then figure out what no one really wants to do or it is too time consuming or hard to do. That is where you look to get other help such as housekeepers, gardeners, etc.

– Hiring a Personal Assistant is not as expensive as you think. Look for students or gig/part time workers or TaskRabbit or other services. You could share someone with a friend. A trusted PA can do everything from shopping to banking to tutoring to sorting to doing work projects for you. Over 50% of United States workers classify themselves as part of the “gig economy” and want to stay that way for the freedom it gives them.

– Detach from technology on a regular basis. We have one friend who never looks at email or texts from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. She will only take phone calls or personal visits. Limiting your kids’ screen time will also get them out in nature and have more time to help do family chores.

Are you successful at finding ways to simplify your life? It’s hard! The biggest hurdles are guilt, feeling we are missing out on something, feeling overwhelmed, multi-tasking and not being in the moment, perfectionism, and procrastination. We will talk about about how to get over some of these hurdles in our webinar and retreat.
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Happy Spring! See you soon!

Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg and Jaye SmithReboot Partners LLC