For Individuals

The last few years will long be in our memories as a time of stress, transition, and new awakening to what is important in life. As Covid-19 impacted communities and individuals across the world, making us change our behaviors, taking lives of loved ones and creating economic havoc, it also has given us time to reflect and think about what is important in our lives.

So what about you? What are your reflections? Do you feel stuck, unable to make the changes you know will make you happier? Are you curious about changing careers or thinking about retirement? Do you need a better balance between your work and your life? You’re not alone.

Our in-person retreats, coaching, and webinars bring you the clarity you need to move ahead and change your life. You’ll see what’s possible for you, including:

  • Creating a fearless vision: What do you really want?
  • Understanding what’s in your way and how to break through those barriers
  • Mapping the life you want, with a clear plan for your next chapter

In-Person Reboot Your Life Retreat

Our in-person retreats, which we have done for 15 years, offer three days of rich programming, including valuable exercises, and personal connection and coaching, all in a relaxing setting perfect for exploring your next chapter. You’ll be able to focus on yourself and leave with a clear plan to moving ahead. It is a small-group experience with abundant sharing, bonding, and support among fellow peer travelers.

“The retreat gave me inspiration and a framework for considering what’s next in a holistic way. It captured both the big picture and small.”

– New York City Retreat Attendee

“Reboot provided the inspiration and tools to make my next chapter part of a great story.”

– Santa Fe Retreat Attendee

“Three powerful, well-organized, successful women, all full of information, intelligence, compassion and business savvy. Very affirming and useful.

– Virtual Retreat Attendee

“This is a great way to figure out what is next in your life your next set of dreams.”

– Virtual Retreat Attendee

One-on-One Online Coaching

“My coach’s feedback and guidance on how to create and articulate my goals, position myself, network and develop a go-forward plan have been invaluable.”

– Reboot Coachee

“The Reboot coaching ignited my thinking and challenged me to explore and be open to the next phase of my career. It was outstanding.” 

– Reboot Coachee

“The retreat was more than I ever anticipated. The three Reboot Partners provided such a superior level of professionalism, safety, and comfort. I will be forever grateful.”  

– Cape Cod Retreat Attendee



“The best investment people can make is in themselves.”
— Warren Buffett, well known investor and philanthropist


Just do it!  Join us for a Reboot Your Life Retreat or virtual series or coaching! Ask Us your questions on how you can create the life you want with a roadmap and plans that work.

“The retreat was the most marvelous three days I could have spent.”

– Santa Fe Retreat Attendee

“This amazing webinar series came at just the right time and format for me. I learned about myself and how I can move forward will change my life. A thousand thanks to my fellow participants and the outstanding Reboot Partners!”

– Participant, Reboot and Reinvent Your Life NOW Webinar Series