Testimonials for Our Books

The Retirement Boom is one of those just-in-time thought-provoking tools that gives you practical checklists, best-life strategies, and a healthy dose of caution and encouragement. It is a great read for anyone who’s ready to take control of creating a personal plan for retirement. It also serves as a gentle, but effective nudge for anyone who has delayed taking steps to prepare for this critical phase of life.”
Sharon C. Taylor

Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Prudential

“When strategizing the transition plan for your retirement chapter, The Retirement Boom will give you strong support and assurance that you are thinking through all o the important issues surrounding taking the next steps to move forward to your next encore.”
Eugenia Ulasewicz

Former President, Burberry USA

“Reading The Retirement Boom is like meeting up with a trusted friend who is a combination of career mentor, financial advisor, innovative thinker, and ‘idea’ person about the process of retirement — a process that clearly deserves serious rethinking! It opens up new vistas of opportunity, with practical suggestions for anyone contemplating a transition in their life and work. The authors meet a great need for the Baby Boomer and older population, with an exciting, refreshing analysis of the ‘retirement’ process. This book will be read widely and discussed deeply! Bring on the revolution!”
Dr. Brady Deaton

Former Chancellor, University of Missouri