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April 2, 2011

Sabbatical Sisters Introduce Themselves

The Sabbatical Sisters describe their backgrounds and sabbatical experiences and introduce you to their concept and book, Reboot Your Life.

September 1, 2010

Your Own Eat Pray Love Break

Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love

Many of us have thrilled to the book and movie “Eat Pray Love.” We have secretly – or not so secretly – wanted to create our own experience, our own time of discovery and rejuvenation away from the daily grind or current concerns.

Does that include you? Your situation could be quite different from Liz/Julia. It may be exhaustion from the demands of being available and working 24/7, or you may want a different job in a whole new profession. You may have lost your job and want to reassess your work goals and life dreams rather than rushing to get a new job just like the old one.

Maybe you want to take time away from work to volunteer or travel and explore.  Maybe you just need time with family – or alone. Maybe someone in your family needs your help and you want to combine that with some personal exploration time away from work.

Our website ( offers ideas for your own break. We call it a Reboot Break, but you can call it your Eat Pray Love break.

You don’t have a year for it? We suggest mini-breaks or at least three months for a real chance to reboot, rediscover, and recharge.

Our book, REBOOT YOUR LIFE, will be out soon. It will offer financial strategies to pay for your break, lots of planning advice, and much more. We even tell you how to talk to your boss and arrange for your break if you want to remain in the same job. Lots of companies even have such programs for their employees. If yours doesn’t, you can be the first to test the waters and show how it benefits the company.

If you can’t wait for the book, come to one of our Reboot Your Life retreats. The next one is in Santa Fe November 12-14. It’s a great way – in a beautiful small-group setting – to figure out what kind of break you want and what you want to do.

Bottom line: It’s not impossible to take your own Reboot or Eat Pray Love break. Give yourself permission and do it!

August 26, 2010

The Berkshires Retreat 2010

Speaker at Berkshires Retreat

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful as the men and women attending our August 13th REBOOT YOUR LIFE retreat made their way to the picturesque Berkshires.We started on Friday at 5pm with introductions followed by cocktails by the old barn, dinner on the porch, and a brief evening session. Each person came for a different reason and their backgrounds were diverse – a public affairs manager who was contemplating taking an early retirement package with time off before the next dream career; a co-owner of an design firm and the CEO of a financial services company, both of whom dreamt of taking time off but just couldn’t imagine it; a marketing executive who was embarking on “an unexpected sabbatical” – are a sample of the types of attendees. Over the next day and a half, not only did they gain from our facilitation, workshop modules, research and tools, but they quickly become coaches for one another. They enjoyed the individual exercises and break-out sessions as much as the larger group ones.

The weather cooperated beautifully for the outdoor exercises. We worked hard but  there was lots of laughter, joking, plentiful breaks, good food, and good  camaraderie. Some of our retreat recipes are now listed on our website. Take a look  at the feedback from some of our attendees:

“Reboot Your Life is a great experience for executives who want to re-charge and  re-focus for the next stage of their lives. The facilitators speak from real experience  and offer practical tools and guidance to step back from day-to-day assumptions  and integrate things that matter into your life and career.”

“I am delighted with the many guideposts and take-aways, and will transform this knowledge into action steps as I move closer to executing my plan.”

“I was pleasantly surprised and very appreciative on how professionally and respectfully this was run. It kept me focused and made me take it seriously.”

“The retreat centered me. This enabled me to take a step back and look at the opportunities in front of me. I can shape and plan and amend. There’s lots of flexibility. It’s open-ended, timing is up to me, value is up to me. It’s very personalized and I feel comfortable about that.”

“This has reminded me of things I need to know. Take the time and do what I need to do for myself. This was very meaningful.”

“I feel excited, exhilarated, jazzed up, and I feel I have a plan in place. I’m re-energized with ideas that I had forgotten. You gave me the tools so that I can take this on, so it won’t be overwhelming. This showed me how to remember parts of myself that were dead and bring them into everyday reality.”

“I liked the ease with which you covered materials. I like teachers who don’t preach; you suggested. There were so many take-aways from this and for that I am blown away.”

“I was not aware when I signed up for this how truly valuable and rewarding it would be on every level of my life.”

Our last retreat for 2010 will be held in Santa Fe on November 12th. If you would like to learn more about that retreat or register, click here.  We hope to see you there!

February 11, 2010

Valentine’s Day and Giving the Gift of Time

We were talking about Valentine’s Day and how it is an equally important time for men and women.  It’s a chance to celebrate your relationships – either in person or across a distance – with a card or gift.  It often involves a special meal together, or doing something else memorable, even a trip out of town for a long weekend.  It’s a time for thoughtfulness and consideration from one to another.

Valentine’s Day gifts also can be the gift of time.  It can be time together – or it can be the thoughtfulness of recognizing that your loved one (spouse, partner, daughter or son, mother or father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend) might need a break from work.

Why not take the time, in this season of relationships, to have a discussion about the needs and dreams of your loved one?  Why not take the time to discuss your own needs and dreams?  We have many ideas that might contribute to these discussions on this website, in our forthcoming book Reboot Your Life, and in our Reboot Your Life Retreats.

The next Reboot Your Life Retreat is April 9-11, 2010 in Washington DC during beautiful cherry blossom season.  It is a long weekend in a small group setting devoted to imagining, discussing, and planning a meaningful break from work.  Previous participants attest that it is useful for men and women of any age at any stage of a Reboot Break: whether hoping to take one some day, actively planning it, or already on a break either by plan or due to unexpected job loss.  Everyone benefits from the weekend “gift of time” as a chance to plan their longer “gift of time.”

Why not give yourself or your “Valentine” a ticket to this retreat?  It’s a true gift of love – an opportunity to plan something that could change your life!

If you cannot make this one, we have three others planned in 2010:
–  June 11-13   Sag Harbor, New York  [register]
–  August 13-15   The Berkshires, New York  [register]
–  November 12-14   Santa Fe, New Mexico  [register]

The Sabbatical Sisters wish you a loving and meaningful Valentine’s Day!

October 14, 2009

The Berkshires Retreat 2009

At A Reboot Retreat

“There were so many things I learned that I didn’t expect to learn.  They wound up being revelations.”

“We think what you are doing is so important.”

“We really appreciated how you adapted to individual circumstances and needs.”

The fall colors were stunning.  The food was delicious, with butternut squash soup, pumpkin doughnuts, and roasted vegetables among the seasonal foods that graced the table at the Berkshires Reboot Your Life Retreat.  Inside, an early fall fire roared in the fireplace, while participants and facilitators discussed every angle of taking a break from work.  There were questions, and there were answers.  There were one-on-one coaching sessions and full group sessions.  Everyone got to talk, think, write, and stretch themselves.

As with the previous retreats, this one was a success, measured in the best way we know how:  by what the people said when it was over.  They loved it.  They learned from it.  They bonded with the other participants and were thrilled to be building a community of sabbatical takers.  They envisioned their dreams and figured out concrete steps they could take to realize those dreams.  They walked away with a personal plan, new friends, and new determination to make the most of their opportunities to take a break from work and come back better.  And a good time was had by all.

We hope you will want to join us for a Reboot Your Life Retreat in 2010.  We currently are planning four retreats in four great locations:  Washington DC March 27-29, Sag Harbor June 11-13, the Berkshires August 13-15, and Santa Fe November 12-14.  As in 2009, the retreats will be in private homes and will be kept to a small size of 8-10.  Check out the Upcoming Page to register.  It’s not too early to sign up!