Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love

Many of us have thrilled to the book and movie “Eat Pray Love.” We have secretly – or not so secretly – wanted to create our own experience, our own time of discovery and rejuvenation away from the daily grind or current concerns.

Does that include you? Your situation could be quite different from Liz/Julia. It may be exhaustion from the demands of being available and working 24/7, or you may want a different job in a whole new profession. You may have lost your job and want to reassess your work goals and life dreams rather than rushing to get a new job just like the old one.

Maybe you want to take time away from work to volunteer or travel and explore.  Maybe you just need time with family – or alone. Maybe someone in your family needs your help and you want to combine that with some personal exploration time away from work.

Our website (www.rebootbreak.com) offers ideas for your own break. We call it a Reboot Break, but you can call it your Eat Pray Love break.

You don’t have a year for it? We suggest mini-breaks or at least three months for a real chance to reboot, rediscover, and recharge.

Our book, REBOOT YOUR LIFE, will be out soon. It will offer financial strategies to pay for your break, lots of planning advice, and much more. We even tell you how to talk to your boss and arrange for your break if you want to remain in the same job. Lots of companies even have such programs for their employees. If yours doesn’t, you can be the first to test the waters and show how it benefits the company.

If you can’t wait for the book, come to one of our Reboot Your Life retreats. The next one is in Santa Fe November 12-14. It’s a great way – in a beautiful small-group setting – to figure out what kind of break you want and what you want to do.

Bottom line: It’s not impossible to take your own Reboot or Eat Pray Love break. Give yourself permission and do it!