At A Reboot Retreat

“There were so many things I learned that I didn’t expect to learn.  They wound up being revelations.”

“We think what you are doing is so important.”

“We really appreciated how you adapted to individual circumstances and needs.”

The fall colors were stunning.  The food was delicious, with butternut squash soup, pumpkin doughnuts, and roasted vegetables among the seasonal foods that graced the table at the Berkshires Reboot Your Life Retreat.  Inside, an early fall fire roared in the fireplace, while participants and facilitators discussed every angle of taking a break from work.  There were questions, and there were answers.  There were one-on-one coaching sessions and full group sessions.  Everyone got to talk, think, write, and stretch themselves.

As with the previous retreats, this one was a success, measured in the best way we know how:  by what the people said when it was over.  They loved it.  They learned from it.  They bonded with the other participants and were thrilled to be building a community of sabbatical takers.  They envisioned their dreams and figured out concrete steps they could take to realize those dreams.  They walked away with a personal plan, new friends, and new determination to make the most of their opportunities to take a break from work and come back better.  And a good time was had by all.

We hope you will want to join us for a Reboot Your Life Retreat in 2010.  We currently are planning four retreats in four great locations:  Washington DC March 27-29, Sag Harbor June 11-13, the Berkshires August 13-15, and Santa Fe November 12-14.  As in 2009, the retreats will be in private homes and will be kept to a small size of 8-10.  Check out the Upcoming Page to register.  It’s not too early to sign up!