We were talking about Valentine’s Day and how it is an equally important time for men and women.  It’s a chance to celebrate your relationships – either in person or across a distance – with a card or gift.  It often involves a special meal together, or doing something else memorable, even a trip out of town for a long weekend.  It’s a time for thoughtfulness and consideration from one to another.

Valentine’s Day gifts also can be the gift of time.  It can be time together – or it can be the thoughtfulness of recognizing that your loved one (spouse, partner, daughter or son, mother or father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend) might need a break from work.

Why not take the time, in this season of relationships, to have a discussion about the needs and dreams of your loved one?  Why not take the time to discuss your own needs and dreams?  We have many ideas that might contribute to these discussions on this website, in our forthcoming book Reboot Your Life, and in our Reboot Your Life Retreats.

The next Reboot Your Life Retreat is April 9-11, 2010 in Washington DC during beautiful cherry blossom season.  It is a long weekend in a small group setting devoted to imagining, discussing, and planning a meaningful break from work.  Previous participants attest that it is useful for men and women of any age at any stage of a Reboot Break: whether hoping to take one some day, actively planning it, or already on a break either by plan or due to unexpected job loss.  Everyone benefits from the weekend “gift of time” as a chance to plan their longer “gift of time.”

Why not give yourself or your “Valentine” a ticket to this retreat?  It’s a true gift of love – an opportunity to plan something that could change your life!

If you cannot make this one, we have three others planned in 2010:
–  June 11-13   Sag Harbor, New York  [register]
–  August 13-15   The Berkshires, New York  [register]
–  November 12-14   Santa Fe, New Mexico  [register]

The Sabbatical Sisters wish you a loving and meaningful Valentine’s Day!