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February 6, 2014

NYTimes on the Changing Face of Retirement

As we at Reboot Partners are celebrating our recent successful Reinventing Retirement Retreat and continue our work preparing our new book on Retirement, we can’t help but notice that numerous expert voices are chiming in to agree with our assessment: Baby Boomers are reinventing retirement!

This excellent new article in the New York Times by Abby Ellin cites numerous stories and statistics detailing the ways Baby Boomers are not planning for the same kind of retirement as their parents did – sometimes they stay working out of financial obligation; sometimes out of choice.

Consider the story of Arline Tarte, featured in the article, who retired officially at the age of 71 from her job in commercial printing, only to get a real estate license and rejoin the work force a few year later as a broker.  “It was boring,” Arline is quoted as saying about her time not working.  We heard from our Reinventing Retirement Retreat participants so many exciting plans for their time off – income-earning and non – that we are thrilled to be a part of helping Boomers everywhere create their most satisfying retirement possible.

September 30, 2013

New Trends in Retirement

In our on-going research for our new book on the changing face of retirement, we were fascinated by this article by Steven Greenhouse for The New York Times Retirement section.  In it, Greenhouse cites numerous new personal stories and statistics illuminating the choices retirees are making with their free time.

As we Reboot Partners know, Baby Boomers – or as Greenhouse calls them, “the sandwich generation” – are definitely re-inventing retirement in response to the particular challenges they face as they “juggle taking care of their children and their parents.”  We feel it’s important for Boomers to approach retirement with a plan so they can handle “having to help support and care for their very old parents while providing support to children in a difficult economy” while getting the most out of retirement for themselves.

We agree wholeheartedly with Harvey L. Sterns, the director of the Institute for Lifespan Development and Gerontology at the University of Akron in Ohio when he states in the article: “There is no right way to retire…Everyone has to cut their own personal path.”  Stay tuned for more news about our own retirement guidebook, coming soon!

May 30, 2013

Reboot Your Life on Boomer-Living+


We were thrilled that our book Reboot Your Life was featured in this great review: “Dare to Sabbatical: Dare to Take a Year Off to Travel” on Boomer-Living+serving the 50+ active community with special information and resources.”

Writer Adriane Berg was inspired by our guidebook to taking time off:

“Even those with no intention of taking a sabbatical will journey through fundamental exercises that help sort out what is important to you in your life, who is important, and how you can envision a future far richer in life experience on a day-to-day basis than you imagined.Whether you actually take the sabbatical, or your REBOOT experience is solely a virtual emotional and cognitive trip, you will gain insights and energy from this book.”

Read the full article here.

May 17, 2013

May Newsletter – Baby Boomers and Redefining Retirement

Baby Boomer Sabbatical Sisters!

Baby Boomers are redefining retirement just as they have every other aspect of their lives. There are 78 million of us and 10,000 turn 65 every day.

In fact, we “sabbatical sisters” fit that category of people born between 1946 and 1964 and we have dealt with, or are dealing with, this redefinition.  The fact that we are writing books, running retreats, doing research and consulting is but an example. We have much we still want to do in our next chapter.

So we are writing our next book, which we are still to title, on this topic! For now we are calling it the Baby Boomers Guide to the Next Chapter. Just as we are exploring what this next phase of our lives means, we are also looking for new words to describe it. Retirement is a word that has multiple interpretations, we are finding.

The idea came to us not only from our own experiences and that of our friends, but from the voices of people who attended our Reboot Your Life Retreats and those we interviewed. The majority of 45-65 year olds who come are looking for meaning after ending their primary career, or are saying “now it’s time to follow my passion,” or want to know how to design their next chapter of life.

You will begin to see more articles, blogs and tweets on the subject as well as our newsletter coverage as we uncover new ideas and meet fascinating people. The Sag Harbor Retreat in August will begin to bring in some new exercises and the Sun Valley Retreat in October and the Santa Fe one in January 2014 will focus primarily on that next phase of our lives. It doesn’t mean we won’t still focus on sabbaticals or reboot breaks….we will teach that you can “reboot your life” at any age!

We will share our findings as we continue to research, talk to recent and soon-to-be retirees, talk to organizations who want to help their employees plan for retirement and create new material for our retreats and the book.

Here are 5 things to think about in designing your next chapter:

  • What are my real interests and passions and how do I go about finding them again? 
  • Do I need to have income coming in throughout my next chapter? Do I have enough saved and invested if I live to 100? 
  • Where do I want to live? Near grandchildren? Near friends? Near healthcare providers? Near the ocean or mountains? 
  • Is my spouse or partner ready to try a new life? What might hold us back? 
  • Do we want the same things? Have the same dreams? 
  • How can I design my next chapter so that I have enough money and time to follow my dreams? What do I need to do now?

These and other questions are what we are researching and will hope to answer by showing you examples of what people have done or are doing.

Stay tuned!

March 15, 2013

Reboot Recommends: Jane Fonda’s TED Talk


We were delighted to find Jane Fonda’s inspiring TED Talk about “Life’s Third Act.” Within this generation of people living 30 years longer than previous, the view of age as the declining end of an “arch” or a pathology is changing – Ms. Fonda suggests instead that aging is a staircase“the upward ascension of the human spirit bringing us to wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity. Not pathology but potential.”

Our work re-envisioning retirement and pre-retirement planning follows this belief exactly – we help organizations and individuals re-imagine the possibilities of their “third act.”  How can you use these added years to your benefit – to be vibrant and successful?