In our on-going research for our new book on the changing face of retirement, we were fascinated by this article by Steven Greenhouse for The New York Times Retirement section.  In it, Greenhouse cites numerous new personal stories and statistics illuminating the choices retirees are making with their free time.

As we Reboot Partners know, Baby Boomers – or as Greenhouse calls them, “the sandwich generation” – are definitely re-inventing retirement in response to the particular challenges they face as they “juggle taking care of their children and their parents.”  We feel it’s important for Boomers to approach retirement with a plan so they can handle “having to help support and care for their very old parents while providing support to children in a difficult economy” while getting the most out of retirement for themselves.

We agree wholeheartedly with Harvey L. Sterns, the director of the Institute for Lifespan Development and Gerontology at the University of Akron in Ohio when he states in the article: “There is no right way to retire…Everyone has to cut their own personal path.”  Stay tuned for more news about our own retirement guidebook, coming soon!