As we at Reboot Partners are celebrating our recent successful Reinventing Retirement Retreat and continue our work preparing our new book on Retirement, we can’t help but notice that numerous expert voices are chiming in to agree with our assessment: Baby Boomers are reinventing retirement!

This excellent new article in the New York Times by Abby Ellin cites numerous stories and statistics detailing the ways Baby Boomers are not planning for the same kind of retirement as their parents did – sometimes they stay working out of financial obligation; sometimes out of choice.

Consider the story of Arline Tarte, featured in the article, who retired officially at the age of 71 from her job in commercial printing, only to get a real estate license and rejoin the work force a few year later as a broker.  “It was boring,” Arline is quoted as saying about her time not working.  We heard from our Reinventing Retirement Retreat participants so many exciting plans for their time off – income-earning and non – that we are thrilled to be a part of helping Boomers everywhere create their most satisfying retirement possible.