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May 22, 2015

Sag Harbor Retreat 2015 – Shaking Out the Sand

“I have clarity for my near future. I’m so inspired! The practical aspects of what we learned are so valuable, and I feel much more grounded.”

“I now know what I want to focus on while also being open to possibilities.”

“Thank you for helping me sort through the noise in my head.”

~ Sag Harbor 2015 Retreat Participants

Sag Harbor Retreat 2015 Pic 14As I shook the sand from my sneakers upon returning home from the Reboot Your Life Retreat in Sag Harbor, NY, I reflected on the weekend. The sand was from our beach walk during which participants envisioned their next chapters. We do a walking meditation at every Retreat, and it is always a formative moment. I thought of the sand shaking from my shoes as both a reminder of the splendid weekend and as a metaphor for removing some of the grains of logistical minutia filling our heads every day, often blocking clarity. The vision meditation/walk and the whole weekend were a time for participants to clear their heads of the everyday details and concerns and to focus on themselves and their bigger picture.

Sag Harbor Retreat 2015 Pic 9The weather treated us well, with early May bright blue skies. The beautiful, tall trees around Jaye’s house and lovely deck surrounded us with such beauty and inspiration. The meals were healthy and filling, as well as a great time for the group to bond.

The real bonding took place, as it always does in our Retreats, during the discussions. Everyone was so open, and a calm permeated this group. People were there to figure out how to move forward on their individual paths and to take in the information, advice, and warmth that was shared. The diversity of age, gender and ethnicity only enriched the experience and learning for all.

Sag Harbor Retreat 2015 Pic 13We facilitators did our job, based on seven years of these Retreats, research, and our books. And it was easy and enjoyable for us. The secret ingredient was the chemistry of the participants and the support and encouragement they offered each other. They also liked the one-on-one coaching. There was quiet excitement all around as people reached clarity and sketched their individual plans to move forward, saying they couldn’t have done it alone.

Join us next time for your own journey! We have two more Retreats in 2015: August 21-23 in Santa Fe, NM and October 16-18 in the Berkshires.

August 27, 2014

The Sag Harbor Reboot Your Life Retreat 2014 – Moving Forward

Sag Harbor 2014 Boat“I feel like I have more of a picture of what I’m going toward.”

“I’m feeling really empowered.”

“I am so glad I listened to my inner voice that said ‘Invest in yourself’ because over the course of this long weekend I met people who became invested in me. What a gift to have an immediate advisory board to force me to re-evaluate things in a new light — with a more positive filter.”

“I began my sabbatical with one destination in mind. Thankfully, the retreat opened my eyes to focus more on the journey and that ultimately the destination would present itself to me.”

Walking on the beach? Sitting in the sand? Is this a Reboot Your Life retreat where people are hard at work on figuring out the next chapter of their lives?

Yes, it is! After getting to know each other Friday evening and doing the first part of the personal roadmap-building, we headed to a picturesque Sag Harbor cove for a walking meditation – a visualization of how we want our lives to look in a year. Everyone walked where they wanted and visualized their future, then sat in the sand to write it down. The beauty and serenity were assets.

The participants in this Reboot Your Life Retreat in Sag Harbor came together across generations to share a common purpose — to uncover what’s next for them. They ranged in age from 35-65, yet broke down barriers of age and career to created a supporting and nurturing environment from which to grow and explore possibilities.  Everyone commented that although there were people already on a Reboot Break – planned and unplanned – another preparing for retirement, and another planning what to do instead of retirement,  and no one felt out of place or unsupported.

Sag Harbor 2014 Beach2

And it was fun! What a great time of year and a great location at Jaye’s comfortable house in Sag Harbor. We had good food and fellowship – and hard work, as everyone asked themselves questions and charted their course forward. Everyone supported each other with ideas and reinforcement during the retreat and their contact since then indicates a continued community of support.

All the participants left with a clearer idea of their next chapter and what needs to be thought through and done to get there. We ended with a powerful skills assessment that was validating, motivating, and inspiring.  Some had never gotten such good feedback about what they bring to their lives and their future.  A greater ease was felt by all about the task of planning their next chapter, as each had started a roadmap.

We facilitators never cease to be amazed and pleased by the transformations that take place. We have one more retreat in 2014 – October 10-12 in Cape Cod – and four retreats planned for 2015. 2015?! Make it the year you move forward in designing and planning your life!

August 30, 2013

Our Sag Harbor Reboot Retreat Recap!

“If your heart is screaming ‘Stop the world, I want to get off,’ this is your starting point. From here, you’ll map your life and career going forward to ensure your heart sings every day.” ~ Retreat Participant

“Extremely worthwhile weekend of discovery.” ~ Retreat Participant 

“Wonderful program leaders who truly are living what they teach. The other participants were an amazing bonus – I now have a new, expanded network.” ~ Retreat Participant

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (21 of 21)

The twelve men and women in the 2013 Sag Harbor Reboot Your Life Retreat hailed from California to London, with Chicago, New Jersey, New York City, New Hampshire, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington DC in between.  Their ages were 37-67 – quite a range, but so compatible. The weather was perfect, and we were able to enjoy the outdoors. What a treat – that is, the participants!

They were a marvelous group, so full of life and all yearning for a new chapter. Some are looking to a new career or a Reboot Break and others want to plan for retirement. All came away with new paths and ideas. And all bonded beautifully from early on, and supplied great support and ideas to each other.

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (12 of 21)

Some of the new paths were a surprise discovery, as participants began to think of developing another side of themselves. One man was supported and encouraged to embark on a new career path in music. It was a lifelong interest but not previously thought of as a career. Another got back in touch with her childhood dream of being a writer due to the feedback of the group when she read her poetic observations from the visualization exercise. She is planning to take writing courses this year or next and journal more frequently.  In fact, about nine of the participants journaled each day and recommitted to continue.

Our goal is always for the participants to take away a plan or at least parts of a plan for the future. The discussions and all the feedback indicated that we were successful.

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (8 of 21)

Several people were visibly transformed during the weekend, as the benefit of having a plan lightened the emotional burden of uncertainty and stress they had brought with them. It was a joy to see the worries slide away to be replaced by smiles and brightness.

It was such a pleasure for us to be part of this retreat. We are energized and ready for the next one! You can join Rita from September 29-October 5 at the Golden Door Spa in California. Then, January 10-12, 2014 in Santa Fe, we will have a retreat focused on reinventing retirement, which is the subject of the new book we are writing. Now, that should be exciting!

We also will have a Retreat Reunion in Santa Fe on January 12 for anyone who has attended a Reboot Your Life Retreat.  These Reunions are great fun. Sign up now!

July 30, 2009

Sag Harbor Retreat

Sag Harbor Retreat

“I feel inspired and renewed as well as validated in my intentions.  Coming to the retreat opened up a world of possibilities.  We were all encouraged to reflect on what’s important and seek a more meaningful lifestyle.  The tools and stories were very helpful.  It was a life-altering weekend for me.  Fun too!”

“I feel confident after the retreat about putting down dates and moving forward with my Reboot Break.”

“The environment was very supportive – planned yet flexible.  I came away with much greater clarity about how to make my work break and re-entry a success.”

Those are three voices from the latest Reboot Your Life Retreat.  The women and men who gathered with us in beautiful Sag Harbor, New York over the weekend are now closer to their dream of taking a break from work or clearer about goals for their current reboot break.  What a great group!  As with the Santa Fe group, they inspired us with their openness to learning from others’ experiences and to thinking hard about their own paths.

As in Santa Fe, we were able to share some of the wisdom we’ve gleaned from research, experience, and interviewing about 150 sabbatical takers of all ages.  It was helpful to the retreat participants, but even more helpful was the way they built their own knowledge onto the base we gave them.  For example, we talked about naysayers who can put a damper on sabbatical planning before the sabbatical gets off the ground.   After we set the stage, retreat participants paired off to identify their own potential naysayers and how to handle them.  They did an excellent job of coming up with ideas for themselves and their partners.  Several similar exercises were balanced by plenty of opportunity to think and write down specifics of a personal sabbatical plan.  It worked for participants at all stages of their sabbaticals or sabbatical planning.

The next retreat is October 2-4 in the Berkshires.  Join us!