Sag Harbor Retreat

“I feel inspired and renewed as well as validated in my intentions.  Coming to the retreat opened up a world of possibilities.  We were all encouraged to reflect on what’s important and seek a more meaningful lifestyle.  The tools and stories were very helpful.  It was a life-altering weekend for me.  Fun too!”

“I feel confident after the retreat about putting down dates and moving forward with my Reboot Break.”

“The environment was very supportive – planned yet flexible.  I came away with much greater clarity about how to make my work break and re-entry a success.”

Those are three voices from the latest Reboot Your Life Retreat.  The women and men who gathered with us in beautiful Sag Harbor, New York over the weekend are now closer to their dream of taking a break from work or clearer about goals for their current reboot break.  What a great group!  As with the Santa Fe group, they inspired us with their openness to learning from others’ experiences and to thinking hard about their own paths.

As in Santa Fe, we were able to share some of the wisdom we’ve gleaned from research, experience, and interviewing about 150 sabbatical takers of all ages.  It was helpful to the retreat participants, but even more helpful was the way they built their own knowledge onto the base we gave them.  For example, we talked about naysayers who can put a damper on sabbatical planning before the sabbatical gets off the ground.   After we set the stage, retreat participants paired off to identify their own potential naysayers and how to handle them.  They did an excellent job of coming up with ideas for themselves and their partners.  Several similar exercises were balanced by plenty of opportunity to think and write down specifics of a personal sabbatical plan.  It worked for participants at all stages of their sabbaticals or sabbatical planning.

The next retreat is October 2-4 in the Berkshires.  Join us!