“If your heart is screaming ‘Stop the world, I want to get off,’ this is your starting point. From here, you’ll map your life and career going forward to ensure your heart sings every day.” ~ Retreat Participant

“Extremely worthwhile weekend of discovery.” ~ Retreat Participant 

“Wonderful program leaders who truly are living what they teach. The other participants were an amazing bonus – I now have a new, expanded network.” ~ Retreat Participant

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (21 of 21)

The twelve men and women in the 2013 Sag Harbor Reboot Your Life Retreat hailed from California to London, with Chicago, New Jersey, New York City, New Hampshire, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington DC in between.  Their ages were 37-67 – quite a range, but so compatible. The weather was perfect, and we were able to enjoy the outdoors. What a treat – that is, the participants!

They were a marvelous group, so full of life and all yearning for a new chapter. Some are looking to a new career or a Reboot Break and others want to plan for retirement. All came away with new paths and ideas. And all bonded beautifully from early on, and supplied great support and ideas to each other.

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (12 of 21)

Some of the new paths were a surprise discovery, as participants began to think of developing another side of themselves. One man was supported and encouraged to embark on a new career path in music. It was a lifelong interest but not previously thought of as a career. Another got back in touch with her childhood dream of being a writer due to the feedback of the group when she read her poetic observations from the visualization exercise. She is planning to take writing courses this year or next and journal more frequently.  In fact, about nine of the participants journaled each day and recommitted to continue.

Our goal is always for the participants to take away a plan or at least parts of a plan for the future. The discussions and all the feedback indicated that we were successful.

Sag Harbor retreat 2013 (8 of 21)

Several people were visibly transformed during the weekend, as the benefit of having a plan lightened the emotional burden of uncertainty and stress they had brought with them. It was a joy to see the worries slide away to be replaced by smiles and brightness.

It was such a pleasure for us to be part of this retreat. We are energized and ready for the next one! You can join Rita from September 29-October 5 at the Golden Door Spa in California. Then, January 10-12, 2014 in Santa Fe, we will have a retreat focused on reinventing retirement, which is the subject of the new book we are writing. Now, that should be exciting!

We also will have a Retreat Reunion in Santa Fe on January 12 for anyone who has attended a Reboot Your Life Retreat.  These Reunions are great fun. Sign up now!