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January 9, 2014

Company-wide Sabbaticals

We were thrilled to discover this article on by Will Yankowicz, quoting an article by Simon Cohen from Harvard Business Review  about business leaders putting their whole company on sabbatical!

Cohen put his company Global Tolerance on a sabbatical for a year, following the lead of the Glastonbury Music Festival, and other successful companies who after years of success based on doing work at a frenetic pace realized that “the relentless pursuit of revenue, profits and impact at the expense of personal health, well-being and relationships seemed to be the crazy approach.”

Check out the full article for exciting tips on how Cohen made his company-wide sabbatical happen logistically – like making some employees free-lance so they could main client relationships.

As Cohen states – “Sabbaticals are an important tradition founders and leaders of all businesses should institutionalize for the sake of employee and company growth.”  We at Reboot Partners couldn’t agree more.  Check out the services we offer to organizations to help you build your own sabbatical program.

September 12, 2013

Sabbatical numbers higher in Canada

We were fascinated by a detail in this article in Yahoo! Finance Canada about the benefits of sabbaticals.  Following the story of an employee of Canadian electric utility B.C. Hydro who offers its employees “self-funded leave lasting from six months to one year,” author Gail Johnson describes how numbers of employers offering unpaid sabbaticals are higher in Canada than in the United States. 

According to a 2006 study by Hewitt Associates’ HR Consulting Services, 44 per cent of Canadian companies surveyed offer an unpaid sabbatical, and an additional 12 per cent offer paid sabbaticals.

This is compared to 16 per cent of employers in the United States offering unpaid sabbaticals, and 4 per cent offering paid sabbaticals.  But we believe the numbers of American companies offering sabbaticals is on the rise.  Check out our List of Organizations Who Get It to check out all the companies who already do!

September 5, 2013

Less Vacation than a Medieval Peasant?

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

We were shocked by this article on Reuters about why a medieval peasant had many more days off work a year (around 215) than the modern American worker does today (around 8!)

As we here at Reboot Partners are well aware, taking time off is key to both an individual and a company’s health and well-being.  As the author Lynn Parramore asserts:

Ironically, this cult of endless toil doesn’t really help the bottom line. Study after study shows that overworking reduces productivity. On the other hand, performance increases after a vacation, and workers come back with restored energy and focus. The longer the vacation, the more relaxed and energized people feel upon returning to the office. 

Read the full article here and then ask yourself: is it time for you to take a break?  Join Reboot Partner Rita Foley at the end of this month at the Golden Door Spa – a “Zen-inspired oasis for those looking to refocus their minds and reenergize their bodies.”

June 19, 2013

“Cut Back on Technology” featured on Inside Supply Management




Reboot Partner Catherine Allen’s important message to Cut Back on Technology was featured in the May 2013 issue of Inside Supply Management.

As mentioned in our Reboot Your Life June Newsletter, turning away from technology and the media helps us empty our minds of the constant chatter, and allows us to find a deeper stream of ideas, insights, and recognition.  Cathy cites important research as well as her own book The Artist’s Way at Work to support the idea of media deprivation to improve your productivity and physical health.

Check out the full article here to find out how to take your own important Tech Break.

April 17, 2013

Reboot Recommends: Forbes/Quora Sabbatical Article

Check out this Quora article on Forbes’ website: If You Were to Take a Year-Long Sabbatical, How Would You Spend it to Enhance Your Career?

We here at Reboot agree exactly with what the paradox the author articulates: Sabbaticals are about “unstructured time exploring without specific goals in mind. “But (this is the paradox) this is often exactly what you need to improve your career.”

Read the full article for more exciting benefits from taking a sabbatical!