We were thrilled to discover this article on Inc.com by Will Yankowicz, quoting an article by Simon Cohen from Harvard Business Review  about business leaders putting their whole company on sabbatical!

Cohen put his company Global Tolerance on a sabbatical for a year, following the lead of the Glastonbury Music Festival, and other successful companies who after years of success based on doing work at a frenetic pace realized that “the relentless pursuit of revenue, profits and impact at the expense of personal health, well-being and relationships seemed to be the crazy approach.”

Check out the full article for exciting tips on how Cohen made his company-wide sabbatical happen logistically – like making some employees free-lance so they could main client relationships.

As Cohen states – “Sabbaticals are an important tradition founders and leaders of all businesses should institutionalize for the sake of employee and company growth.”  We at Reboot Partners couldn’t agree more.  Check out the services we offer to organizations to help you build your own sabbatical program.