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July 30, 2009

Sag Harbor Retreat

Sag Harbor Retreat

“I feel inspired and renewed as well as validated in my intentions.  Coming to the retreat opened up a world of possibilities.  We were all encouraged to reflect on what’s important and seek a more meaningful lifestyle.  The tools and stories were very helpful.  It was a life-altering weekend for me.  Fun too!”

“I feel confident after the retreat about putting down dates and moving forward with my Reboot Break.”

“The environment was very supportive – planned yet flexible.  I came away with much greater clarity about how to make my work break and re-entry a success.”

Those are three voices from the latest Reboot Your Life Retreat.  The women and men who gathered with us in beautiful Sag Harbor, New York over the weekend are now closer to their dream of taking a break from work or clearer about goals for their current reboot break.  What a great group!  As with the Santa Fe group, they inspired us with their openness to learning from others’ experiences and to thinking hard about their own paths.

As in Santa Fe, we were able to share some of the wisdom we’ve gleaned from research, experience, and interviewing about 150 sabbatical takers of all ages.  It was helpful to the retreat participants, but even more helpful was the way they built their own knowledge onto the base we gave them.  For example, we talked about naysayers who can put a damper on sabbatical planning before the sabbatical gets off the ground.   After we set the stage, retreat participants paired off to identify their own potential naysayers and how to handle them.  They did an excellent job of coming up with ideas for themselves and their partners.  Several similar exercises were balanced by plenty of opportunity to think and write down specifics of a personal sabbatical plan.  It worked for participants at all stages of their sabbaticals or sabbatical planning.

The next retreat is October 2-4 in the Berkshires.  Join us!

June 5, 2009

Santa Fe Retreat Reflections from Annie Searle

We were pleased with the positive comments from the Santa Fe Reboot Your Life retreat and evidence that it had value.  Goals were set.  Life lessons were gleaned.

One of the attendees at our Santa Fe Reboot Your Life Retreat was Annie Searle.  She has her own blog and has graciously allowed us to share some of her post-retreat thoughts and observations here.  You’ll see that she calls the retreat a weekend think tank.  That’s a great way to put it.  Indeed, it was a time to think (and interact and talk), mainly about the present and future.  What are my personal goals?  How could they be accomplished during time off from work?  How can they lead me?  Where will they lead me?  How can sabbatical lessons be incorporated daily for a more fulfilling life?

Annie even starts with a quote, as we are doing in the book we are writing called Reboot Your Life.  Thanks for this, Annie.

~The Sabbatical Sisters

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” – Thomas Paine

Since Thursday, I have been spending time quietly here at home.   Today, I’m looking at notes about my goals I made during the weekend think tank in Santa Fe, and putting them into a more finished form.

  • To be fully present in the moment, rather than anticipating the next turn of events.
  • To reach more often with the heart, not just with the head.
  • To live more simply.
  • To let go of negative thoughts.
  • To spend time with and thank good friends and close relatives.
  • To finish my “Art of Renovation” book manuscript.
  • To determine my “personal brand” –how to best use my interests and talents in the future.

My travels this past month offered an opportunity to work on more than one of these goals. Slowing down long enough to spend real time with people I care about is a form of renewal that provides a strong foundation for the other aspirations shown here.

My list also includes more tactical items like  walking every day, swimming several times a week, finding a mat pilates class, and starting again to learn either piano or painting.

As Thomas Paine says, all these are within my power.

April 30, 2009

Our Successful Santa Fe Retreat

We have just completed our latest Reboot Your Life Retreat and wanted to share with you its tremendous success!

“The retreat gave me direction and purpose – a road map process to the next 10 years or more.  I met interesting, stimulating travelers on a similar journey.”

“I was able to create a more specific plan for what I want to do with my time, with new awareness of roadblocks and obstacles and ideas for dealing with them.”

“It was everything I expected – and more!”

As exemplified by the feedback above, we met our goal of providing a high-quality, informative, inspirational, and energizing opportunity to learn about taking a break from work to enhance life and career. The eight men and women at the Santa Fe retreat were diverse in age and career field, as well as where they were in the sabbatical process. Some were contemplating or struggling with how to take a much-needed break. A couple people were just beginning sabbaticals by choice. Some were on “unexpected” sabbaticals as so many are in this economy. All completed a personal plan for working through issues and taking the most successful sabbatical possible. We shared our extensive research on the subject; they bonded and reinforced each others’ learning. We all had fun too!

Now we are looking forward to the next retreat July 17-19, 2009 in Sag Harbor, New York (on Long Island) and would love for you to join us. It will be again a small group (8-10) in a private home, and we have arranged for accommodations in other homes and a nearby hotel. For more info or to register for the July retreat, please visit the Upcoming page!