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September 30, 2014

Reboot Partners featured on Fast Company

3036292-poster-1280-sabbatical-planningFastCompanyReboot Partner Cathy Allen was featured in an illuminating article by Gwen Moran on – How Taking a Sabbatical Isn’t as Impossible as it Sounds.  


Cathy highlights what we find in some of our research about the ways in which sabbaticals benefit both companies and employees:

“Intel tells us that one of the best benefits to them is not only do their employees remain loyal and come back refreshed and renewed, but it helps employees have a broader-based skill set, because while an employee is gone the others in the department have to cover for that employee. It helps them to learn more about different functions and actually it helps develop skills.”

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May 30, 2013

Reboot Your Life on Boomer-Living+


We were thrilled that our book Reboot Your Life was featured in this great review: “Dare to Sabbatical: Dare to Take a Year Off to Travel” on Boomer-Living+serving the 50+ active community with special information and resources.”

Writer Adriane Berg was inspired by our guidebook to taking time off:

“Even those with no intention of taking a sabbatical will journey through fundamental exercises that help sort out what is important to you in your life, who is important, and how you can envision a future far richer in life experience on a day-to-day basis than you imagined.Whether you actually take the sabbatical, or your REBOOT experience is solely a virtual emotional and cognitive trip, you will gain insights and energy from this book.”

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May 19, 2013

Reboot Your Life featured – “Is the Road Trip Worth It?”


Reboot Your Life’s special retirement-planning  retreats were featured in the article “Is the Road Trip Worth It?” on The Wall Street Journal:

The sessions are limited to eight participants and feature gourmet food and an intimate setting—”because we want people to feel comfortable and for 48 hours talk about this in a safe place,” says Rita Foley, one of the organizers. People walk out with a personalized plan, including what to do in the two weeks following the retreat.

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