Happy Holiday Season!  It is certainly starting off to be a wonderful one for us.  Rita had her photo show in NYC last weekend.  This hobby – now passion – came out of her practicing that which we espouse in our books: take little risks, journal about your dreams, and set priorities via the Goals Circle exercise.  It was a very joyous occasion!

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Then, this week, our work was acknowledged and quoted in The Wall Street Journal!  Check out the full article about the increasing numbers of baby boomers taking career breaks where you can read Reboot Partners’ specially featured expert tips!  We are proud and thrilled to share our work in this respected publication.
It is also a joyous time for us because we were able to publish our new Journal for Inspiration in time to share it with you for the holidays. This month will be over before you blink.  ‘Tis a time of joy, of gift exchange, of loved ones coming together… or it is one of stress when gift-buying becomes just too overwhelming and you have 20 people coming over for a holiday meal?  If festivities start to turn to drudge – or if not, before they do – please remember to take time out for yourself.  Journaling is a great way to capture the joys of the holidays and to develop strategies for handling the more hectic side.

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We find that journaling every day grounds us.  It allows us to reflect upon our actions and interactions from the day before. Did they go well, is there something we would change? Journaling enables us to write our joys and frustrations, and then to share our hopes and intentions for the day that is about to unfold.  We especially like to write in a journal that inspires us.
With that in mind, we created A Journal for Inspiration.  It contains quotes from famous men and women around the world, quotes that we have gathered over the past 6 years of working together, quotes that we believe you will enjoy reading each day, as you fill the journal with your own words and thoughts.
For those of you who are racking your brains for holiday gift ideas or stocking stuffers, consider giving the gift of a journal.  A Journal for Inspiration can be purchased on Amazon.com for $8.98.  Whether the new owner already journals or not, the daily quote will be a moment of delight and discovery.  We are also busy this month preparing our new January retreat in Santa Fe – with a focus on our new research on reinventing retirement. For many of you, this might be the perfect gift to give yourself after the holidays – and such a great way to start your new year.
May you be surrounded with joy and warmth this December.  We wish you and your loved ones a special holiday season and a very Happy New Year.