We thought it would be helpful for readers to see the story of some one who has taken several successful sabbaticals. Here’s a story told to Jaye:

Jim lost his second job in five years. He had been the head of human resources in both companies. He had had a long and successful career over the last 15-20 years. He didn’t take time in between to think about his next move.  He did what was expected of him and what was easy; find another job like the last one. For Jim, one job always led to another and he never really pursued anything else.

But finally after this last job loss, he found himself wondering why things weren’t working out and wondered what he was missing. He took the time to think about it for the first time in a serious way. He stepped back from his job search and began to look inward and spend time in Cape Cod, a place he loved. He met with lots of new people who had changed their lives and were living in less traditional ways, earning money – not from one fulltime job but through various jobs.  They were very happy. He started exploring nearby towns and discovered an old abandoned Bed and Breakfast. He began to dream about the idea of opening up his own B&B, reconnecting to his childhood when his mother ran a B&B.  He loved those days. He was a social man who loved people and helping making their lives more comfortable. Not a surprise he ended up in human resources. Now though, he was reconnecting to that other part of himself. He rallied his resources and, after much thought and conversation, he found a way to buy that B&B. He is now on a course that has filled him with excitement and enthusiasm. He has no doubts that he made the right decision. Had he not taken the time, he would be in another job like all the others he had been in, wondering what else he might be doing.

If you were to take the time, what would you like to explore? What are some dreams that have been left dormant, people or places you would like to reconnect with that you have been missing?