Here are just a few inspiring images from Co-Author Rita Foley’s Reboot Break trip to a place of her dreams…

Travel is key to living my “Lifelong Sabbatical” and I finally made it to one of my dreams: Morocco.  I fell in love with its rich history, culture and graciousness of the people.  Here are a few glimpses into this wonderful country.

Fresh dates, apricots and nuts in the market

Volabulis: Roman ruins from 6 AD

Fez: wonderful winding, and colorful streets

Casablanca: Hussan II Mosque in the background

Spices in Marakesh Market

All kinds of products - locals and tourists

Street Vendor in Fez

Marrakesh: massive Mosque door

Ink Vats for beautiful products in Fez

Wool being sold in the souk in Fez

Girl getting water in walled communal home

Marrakesh: Olives of all types

Dried flowers and vibrant colors