Don’t have the time for a sabbatical right now? How about taking a mini Reboot Break?
 As many of you know, in our book and our workshops, we espouse taking mini sabbaticals and practicing taking little risks.

I did just that last weekend. One of my goals for the past two years has been to take an art course or a course on unleashing unknown creativity. I didn’t think I had much creativity but according to Shelly Berc and Alejandro Fogal, two writers and artists, all of us have creativity within us that may have gotten squashed as we grew up.

Shelly and Alagandro are the founders of the Creativity Workshop. For seventeen years they have been teaching business people, educators, doctors, chaplains, and people from all walks of life and from all over the world, how to get past writer’s or artist’s block and have fun experimenting.

Off I went last week for four days to a wonderfully safe, nurturing, stimulating and exhilarating space. We had 29 people in our workshop from 11 different countries. The workshop lasted 3 hours each day leaving us ample time for homework assignments. We were pushed to try new things but they were never threatening and we never had to share anything that we didn’t want to. We wrote, sketched, told stories, took photographs, created collages and most importantly talked a lot about how to handle those little naysayers in our heads that keep us from letting the creative from within emerge.  It’s amazing how times flied when you are immersed in art of some form. I was sketching someone on the subway for one of my assignments when suddenly i emerged from my totally concentrated state to find that I had passed my stop 20 minutes earlier.

If you are looking for something to do on your next sabbatical or simply want to take a mini sabbatical right now, I highly recommend this workshop. visit their website to see all the cool places they offer their workshops around the world.