“I had no idea how much I needed this.  Incredibly powerful.”
~ Retreat participant

“The retreat helped me focus on what I want to do – and that I can do it.”
~ Retreat participant

“You have all managed to create a very special event through a combination of your experience, your willingness to share, the design and flow of the event and the wonderful location.  All in all it was a tremendous use of two days!
~ Retreat participant

The first Reboot Your Life Retreat of 2013 was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we have had so many fantastic retreats.  This one was no exception.  The weather was cool, but beautiful, and clear blue skies and starry nights prevailed.

It was one of our largest retreats ever, with a diverse and interesting group of people, hailing from all around the United States and from various professional fields…nonprofit and corporate.  We even had a Brit, whose humor was greatly enjoyed!

For the first time at a RYL retreat, we were able to incorporate material from research for the new book we are writing on pre-retirement planning.  It was good to give it a run with the participants, as several were at the perfect age to start designing their ideal “retirement” or “next chapter” years.  We all know that “retirement” is changing and people want to work longer and stay relevant, so there was much discussion about new opportunities.  Finances are a concern to many, and we did cover many ideas about “making your money last” and “investing in yourself” for a Reboot Break or life change.Everyone came seeking a plan about their next chapter.  Several were on a Reboot Break, some because of job loss or burnout.  A number were planning the final six months to two years in their current position, so they needed to work on exit strategies. The ages ranged from 40 to 68 and there were both men and women.

One of the participants is  head of Leadership and Talent Development  for a major Global corporation and convinced us all of the importance of being on LinkedIn to prove we are “relevant” and “technology proficient” to prospective clients, employers and boards.

The topic of “how to get on corporate boards” was also a hot topic and many good ideas came out in the conversation.

We urged people to be bold in their thinking and in their approach to the weekend.  What work is more appealing for the next life chapter?  What else would they envision doing?  What are the obstacles?

Ideas flew, and everyone added what they knew and their own creative thoughts.  One man wants to travel on his Reboot Break to the famous Way of St. James along the Camino de Santiago featured in the movie, The Way.  Others added their knowledge of it, liking the theme of tranquility and searching. All had places to go and things to do too, and they were trying to sort out their goals and how to accomplish them.  All left with a self-written individual plan.  All said everything was clearer now.

One of the most encouraging sessions was when the participants listed five skills they thought were important in this competitive environment and shared them, then heard from the others how they perceived their skills and values. Everyone saw themselves in a different, and more supportive, light. One attendee was encouraged by all of us to get certified as a financial planner and open up for business…he had us all signed up and he hadn’t even thought of that career. It was his knowledge, integrity and way of communication that sold us all.

The hours together were rich and nurturing, as participants bonded and coached each other with their considerable knowledge, some of which was gleaned through similar experiences.

Everyone commented on the comfortable, conversation- friendly environment in Cathy’s home.  The delicious, filling meals were a hit too.  The recipes are also posted on our blog.

Everyone really appreciated the experience and each other.  All said the group dynamic and retreat structure enhanced their learning.  That makes us happy.  We are achieving what we set out to achieve.  (And we are grateful for the participants’ comments above and below.)

 “A tremendous way of channeling your energies, ideas, and questions into your next chapter.  A wonderful environment of support and fun.”
~Retreat participant

“This was an extremely professional and positive furthering experience grounded in authentic wisdom and practical insights and strategies. Both the facilitators and participants were outstanding. I highly recommend the Reboot Your Life retreat.
Retreat participant 

“Tremendous value.”
Retreat participant