Transformative – whether you are planning a sabbatical or don’t even know what that means, this retreat will give you a plan for changing your life.”

“The Reboot Your Life retreat gave me the necessary time, framework and coaching to help me think about my next chapter in life.”

“The experiences and creativity of the other participants added so much texture to the wisdom of the facilitators.”

Spring brings renewal, and it was early spring weather in Brooklyn on Friday, March 16 as seven women and men gathered with three Reboot Partners as facilitators for the first Reboot Your Life retreat of 2012.  Coming from West and East coasts, and as far away as California and Brazil, the participants were a diverse group ranging from their 30s to 70s.

They came for their own spring renewal – to revitalize their lives and open new doors.  Plant those seeds.  Clean out the closets.  Take a break to reconnect with themselves, their families, friends, and favorite activities.  Explore opportunities out there.  Take some risks, starting small.  Those were some of the themes.

No one was depressed or truly unhappy, but all knew they longed to write a new chapter in their lives.  A songstress among us greeted us with “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” on the second day, then followed it up with “Slow down, you move too fast, you gotta make the morning last. . .”  Remember that one?  By the end of the retreat, we were all bolting out Frank Sinatra’s immortal “I Did It My Way.”

What fun it was – and what hard work. Laughter mingled with brows furrowed over how to take a Reboot Break, setting a framework for figuring out the next life chapter, and how to re-balance life.  There were quite a few “Aha” moments.

We all ate too much and learned so much.  The camaraderie and bond had the strength and power we always see at these retreats, as the participants told their stories and dreams and did peer coaching – flooding each other with ideas, possibilities, and insight.  The group dynamic was dubbed the “secret sauce.”

Everyone went out into the warm sunshine on Sunday with their own plans and intentions, and new ways to ponder any lingering questions.  All had greater clarity than on Friday at 4 pm.

We at Reboot Partners always say that one cannot figure out change and transition and life enrichment without stepping out of a harried work life to clear space in one’s head to think and in one’s life to act.  This retreat was a purposeful peek at those possibilities and benefits.  The participants came to realize that they gave themselves the gift of time over the weekend, and that they deserve even more of that gift in their lives.

A final quote:  “The retreat was essential for helping me formulate my sabbatical goals and create specific activities to make them happen.  It was a very special experience.”