Co-Author Rita Foley was pleased to receive an enthusastic letter from one of our Reboot Your Life readers in Saudi Arabia.  We’re excited to find that our message of the importance of Reboot Breaks has spread far and wide.  Read her letter here and then buy your own copy of the book!

Dear Rita,

I’m excited to write to you today. I was chatting with a friend earlier and I mentioned to her how your book has changed my thinking and perspective on my career and future. It was my friend who recommended your book to me and I’m grateful to you both.

I’ve just come out of a 2 week sabbatical where I didn’t go anywhere and spent the time at home. It was lovely! I didn’t do much physically; I didn’t go out or attended to my chores. I read, wrote, toyed with the idea of creating a blog, twitter, etc and it was great. I’m usually a very active person and cannot go through the day without things to be done from the minute I wake up till the minute I sleep. You can imagine how doing nothing was refreshing and invigorating.

I was encouraged to do this by your book. I learned what & how to do a sabbatical. I learned that it can be as short and as long as I want or can. I also got motivated by the idea of mini sabbaticals, which I absolutely adore and plan to do more of those. 😉

This was my first consciously taken sabbatical, though at work it appeared as time off as I cached in some of my vacation days.  I didn’t want to travel because it would be a distraction from facing and thinking about what and how to plan my future.  Doing nothing helped me focus on me and I came up with few good decisions I wouldn’t have reached otherwise. I now know how important it is for me to work, one step at a time, on exiting corporate life and putting it behind me in about 3 years. In case I still want to be involved in the corporate world after the 3 years, I now know how to go about it. I actually wrote the letter to my employer, as explained and described in your book, which I can use in the future.

Most importantly, I relaxed. It’s been one week since I’m back in office and I’m protecting my bliss with my life. The corporate world, in its current way, doesn’t suit me, though I fully realize it is somehow self-inflicted. As corporate professionals we don’t know any better, we weren’t trained nor educated to know any better, nor did I before meeting my friend, taking her workshop, and reading your book.

I’m preaching this newfound way of life to everyone around me: family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. I call it a gift. Thanks to my friend and you.

Saudi Arabia