Reboot Your Life: Tired? Need a break? Or have you just been given one that you didn’t expect or want? This blog is about people who have taken time off from work and turned it into one of the most beneficial periods of their lives – in fact a life changing event.

We call ourselves the Sabbatical Sisters. We met two years ago by chance at a conference and discovered that we each had taken sabbaticals and were about to take another to reboot ourselves. We’ve all had highly successful careers and we found that taking time off made us even better. We became a support group to one another and now want to extend our experiences and those of many others to you. For the past year we have been researching and writing about sabbaticals and have interviewed over 100 people from all walks of life and companies and organizations about their reboot breaks.

There are many different types of sabbaticals and many different reasons for taking one. But all have similar characteristics – fears, pitfalls, joys etc. Welcome to the Reboot Your Life blog. Join us to learn more about such things as how to plan for and fund a sabbatical, how to deal with the shock and anger of just having been laid off and thrown into an unexpected sabbatical, how to deal with sabbatical robbers or how to use a sabbatical to prepare for that next gig after retirement, among many other things. We’ll be adding information and stories regularly to our blog and hope you will share your stories here as well.