Through our friends at Meet, Plan, Go!, we’ve discovered their partners Intrepid Travel and their incredible work promoting responsible traveling.

It’s a very exciting part of your Reboot Break – planning a trip to the places in the world you’ve always dreamed of going.  It’s important to remember that travel – especially flying – can have a serious impact on the environment.

Here are some tips from Intrepid to stay socially and environmentally responsible while traveling on your Reboot Break:

“Carbon offsetting, is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases, caused by travel. How is this done? Different companies and organizations sell carbon credits to corporations and individuals, then invest the money into renewable energy projects such as wind farms, water purification plants, social programs and organic farms around the world. You can use a Carbon Calculator to measure your carbon emissions for your upcoming travels and then purchase the credits it takes to offset your trip.

Another aspect to your carbon footprint is the social and cultural component. How and where you spend your tourist dollars makes a huge difference in the everyday lives of those that you are meeting along the way.  When in doubt remember two words ‘Go Local’.

Stay at accommodations that are locally owned and operated, eat at local food stalls and restaurants, and buy your souvenirs from local merchants. This will keep your tourist dollars in the communities you visit and will add to the local economy. Utilize local transport when you can, this will minimize the demand for special tourist vehicles and fuel. Find local guides-not only are they going to have the intimate knowledge of the city you are exploring, but it will also promote safe and secure jobs for the community.”

Intrepid Travel offers carbon offset trips. They have calculated the carbon emissions for each trip and built the offset into the price of the trip (usually only about $1 a day). They also support sustainable projects through The Intrepid Foundation. Every dollar donated is matched by Intrepid.  Check out more here and start planning your eco-conscious trip today!