“I did not imagine just a short time could focus my thinking on my life so well.  Possibly this is because it is timely in my life and our little group (including facilitators) was fabulous, supportive, and ‘clicked’.”
~Retreat participant

“Whether your issue is a sabbatical or a desire to revitalize/rejuvenate your life, this workshop provides the tools and an amazing environment to provide a clear direction for your future selves while being armed with counter measures to prevent yourself from being ‘derailed’.”
~Retreat participant


They were fast learners, this group.

They came searching for deeper purpose in life, with questions about the next chapter of their lives or whether to take a Reboot Break; and they began to find their paths almost immediately.

Every group at a Reboot Your Life retreat has its own personality, and this one was no exception.  Warm and fun, accomplished, and unwilling to sit back in life, they each sought ideas for their journey and the kind of support that comes from a 2-1/2-day retreat with interesting people in a beautiful, inspiring place like Santa Fe.

The ideas they sought came in self realization about their real interests — some rediscovered, some new — and in suggestions from fellow participants and the facilitators.

The discussions and exercises laid the foundation for each individual roadmap or plan about how to carry out a dream, whether it is a Reboot Break or a next phase of life.  Such a plan — sketched or fleshed out — is the prime goal of our retreats, along with acceptance by attendees that they deserve to give themselves the gift of time.

They left tired but bonded and happy, filled with the warmth of new friendship, outstanding Santa Fe food, and new affirmation.  (A note on the bonding:  This group discovered a mutual interest in rocks. When one picked up rocks on the visioning walk, others joined in a discussion about loving to bring rocks home from special places.  So they called themselves the Rock Group – with multiple meanings and several theme songs.)

The retreat ended Friday night and was followed by a RYL Retreat Reunion for previous participants, as we had done earlier in Brooklyn.  The next night, participants of both events enjoyed dinner together in Santa Fe, getting to know each other and swapping Reboot stories.

We extend our thanks to all of the participants for their energy and enthusiasm, and we hope they will enjoy the community they have created and come to a Reboot Your Life Retreat Reunion.

 We close with one last comment from a participant: “Thank you for the gift of using my time to reflect and develop a plan to improve my new life!”

And a final comment from us:  Join us in Cape Cod September 21-23 or The Berkshires November 2-4 for the next retreat!