Make 2013 your “Year of Action” with this fabulous new book by entrepreneur, innovation change agent, and award-winning designer Erin Moran McCormick: Year of Action: How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life.

Year of Action is the perfect book for anyone contemplating taking a sabbatical or time off from work, as it follows McCormick through two “Reboot Breaks” – one at age 25, the second at age 50.  Both times, McCormick quit her job to live her dreams.

Co-Author Rita Foley describes the book as “Enjoyable and effective! This is the story of a woman who has ups and downs and sideways curves but in describing them does so directly and with humor; no sappy self indulgence here. The book combines engaging stories with practical tips and then provocative exercises for you, the reader. You’ll be inspired to start taking little steps and amazed at the big changes they bring!”

You can purchase the book now here and find out more about McCormick and her “Year of Action University” here.