Spring is Springing! Where Are You Now? 
Thoughts and resources for mixed emotions and planning to move ahead.

Trees are budding outside our windows, and the sky is blue more often. The snow is melted or melting. Kids can play outside more as temperatures warm. You can walk outside more. Hooray! Spring is springing in all its renewal and hope! It’s a relief.

And yet, do you have mixed emotions?

Along with the joy of spring, do you still suffer from the binds and complications of pandemic restrictions and yet-unresolved situations? Have you hit that pandemic wall, in which the chapter after Covid still seems elusive and everything is just a little harder now than even last month? Less concentration, more stressed out, longer workdays, lower enthusiasm. Kids still homeschooling. House seems even smaller. Wasn’t the new year supposed to bring change?

Or, maybe you have had a peek at normalcy and are chafing to get going. A little exhilarated, yet cautious.

Whatever your circumstances, we hear you and hope you are able to talk to others about it – to share optimism or commiserate or just talk.

As you talk and think and perhaps journal, it’s a good time to start planning for what’s next. Think outside of the moment. What can you do differently next week? Where will you travel? Whom will you see? What do you want to be different for you after Covid leaves, or begins to leave, your life? Step outside the moment.

We attach a couple of good articles here that may be useful to you (and our website at rebootbreak.com has a new featured article almost daily from our Facebook feed.) The first acknowledges the Pandemic Wall. The second gets us started on gently planning to travel.

You also can join us for a free webinar on rebooting that can give you some new perspectives about where you are and what is important to you now and going forward.