Joanna Prukop, Reboot Your Life Retreat participant, enjoying her Reboot Break

This special feature by Tania Soussan in the Albuquerque Journal tells the personal stories of two of our Reboot Your Life Retreat participants who drew inspiration from the co-authors to plan their own Reboot Breaks:

“Last October, Joanna Prukop was a burned out executive, working a stressful job from home without a support staff and traveling frequently to meet with business leaders.

Today, thanks to a sabbatical from work, she’s healthier, happier and has more balance in her life. She’s also more focused on what’s important to her and how to achieve her goals.

“I just sort of hit a wall last fall,” Prukop says. “It was a little bit of a gut-wrenching decision because I didn’t want to quit my job. I didn’t want to let people down. But I was really burned out.”

…Like many baby boomers, she discovered she needed a break. A “Reboot Your Life” workshop in Santa Fe helped her plan how to take a year off from work and make it a productive break.

… Gary Welterlen, 59, was forced into taking time off when the technology company he was working for as a salesman changed directions.

“All of a sudden, I was sitting there thinking, ‘OK, now what am I going to be doing for the rest of my career?’” he says.

Welterlen, who lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., came to New Mexico for the Reboot Your Life workshop and decided he could take three months off to reflect. Eventually, he went back to school to get a real estate license and changed careers.”

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