Our message is getting through!  Here are two close-to-home examples.  I’m sure our readers could provide lots of examples too.

Our own publisher from Beaufort Press is taking a mini-sabbatical (one month) in New Zealand as you read this!  She made the decision after working with us on our book, Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break.  With the fantastic support Margot gave us before her mini-Reboot Break, and with the great help of publishing assistant Candace in her absence and throughout, our book will be published in April 2011!

Also, a member of our web design team and his wife have just moved to Argentina as part of living the “Lifelong Sabbatical” that we discuss so much in our book.  He’ll continue his web business from afar and live a more balanced life than before. Enjoy, Jeff!