“Thank you for this opportunity. You’ve given us tools and each other.”
~ Santa Fe 2014 Retreat Participant


We all came to beautiful, relaxing Santa Fe mid-January, prepared and excited. The participants arrived ready to work on their next chapter of life. This was our first dedicated retirement-focused Reboot Your Life retreat, and we Reboot Partners came ready to use what we’ve learned over the last few years about what people want and how they plan, plus we wanted to use and test the content of our almost-completed new book on retirement.


“Success!” said everyone about reaching their goals for the retreat! The participants enjoyed it, bonded, learned, shared, and came away with their own plan. We Reboot Partners validated what’s in the book and added additional content and ideas. The delicious meals cooked up by Cathy’s daughter-in-law Rachel added to the experience. Visit our website www.rebootbreak.com starting next week to see recipes.

But, wait! There’s the question that kept coming up about what “retirement” means and whether that’s even the right term. It is clear that there are different ideas – and why shouldn’t there be? With 78 million Baby Boomers and our independent streak, it is natural that we’ll have different visions, interpretations, lifestyles, and favored words. Let a thousand flowers bloom, we all said.


Some people love the idea of retiring fully from their career and relaxing, perhaps later taking up volunteering or other interests, new or revived.  Others want to leave their fulltime career for some new work. A reinvention.

Someone said it’s a restorative phase of life. Finding parts of ourselves. A return. A renewal. An evolution. Yes, a revolution.

We think we found the right word for us – Revolutionary Retirement, which is a new time and a new way that a generation is creating, each person in his or her own way.

SantaFeRetreat2014NancyThe retreat was a circle of group trust and personal exploration, with each attendee adding richness. As we went from definitions and desires to plans, everyone found the bonding and circle of trust to be extraordinarily liberating. Each to his own – and each one supporting the others.

We learned so much and are excited for the new book (late spring 2014) and the next retreats.  Catch us in Brooklyn April 25-27, Sag Harbor August 15-17, or Cape Cod October 10-12. And tell all your friends to sign up early!