The Reboot Partners are getting a new look! Our Revolutionary Retirement book has been sold to Career Press, which will republish it in October 2015 with a new title and new cover. The new book will be packed with the content, expertise, and practical good sense of Revolutionary Retirement, which is now off the market as we await the new book.

Our other books – Reboot Your Life and the Journal for Inspiration – are still available online at and And we continue our Retreats and corporate work to inspire and assist people as they plan their next life chapter. In fact, our corporate offerings have expanded, especially in programs for organizations to help employees look ahead and begin to envision and plan retirement their way.

We are grateful to all who bought Revolutionary Retirement during its time on the market. It was so exciting when it reached #1 Bestseller status on in two categories, and good sales have continued. We know that many people and organizations have benefited from the book. We look forward to many, many more people finding our work and their own path to the big “R” with Revolutionary Retirement or the new book.