RR Book CoverWe are thrilled to announce that our new book, Revolutionary Retirement: What’s Next for YOU? is now available on Amazon.com! It will be available soon in bookstores and other outlets.

Revolutionary Retirement is a comprehensive planning book for retirement that is about lifestyle – how to live the most fulfilling life for the years ahead. It’s way more than financial. The book is a great resource for anyone retiring soon, in the next few years, or already retired. Our extensive research, hundreds of interviews, input from our workshops, and our own life experiences are the foundation for this informative book with its many facts, insights, helpful stories, exercises, and robust appendix.

Topics cover potential concerns and surprises, what you need to know, and so many ideas to explore for continuing to earn money or not. It’s about designing what YOU want. Dream a little and make it happen.

RR Authors Pic All SmilingWe’ve been told by many that Revolutionary Retirement is an easy read and an indispensable tool for Baby Boomers as they approach this next chapter. And here’s what Billy Crystal says: “For anyone thinking of retiring and changing their lives, this is the book for you.”

We are so excited to share what we know and have learned on this important topic and to welcome this book to our body of work. Our dearest hope is that it benefits many, many men and women as they transition to a new chapter of life!