The first green promise of Spring!

Spring is budding all around us – a time for new beginnings and new perspectives.  But you may be emerging from this long, tough winter feeling only worn out and exhausted, and far away from the inspiration that spring promises.  It may be the perfect time for you to take a Reboot Break™.

We at Reboot Partners know through our research that taking a break is sometimes the only way truly to renew your body, mind, and soul.  Here are some telltale signs that YOU may need a break:

  • Are you tired of being on 24/7?
  • Have you missed important family and friend gatherings because work demands are so great?
  • Do you find that you cannot live without your Smart Phone or computer and that it is controlling you?
  • Have you had recent personal losses or illnesses in your family where you were a caretaker?
  • Have you lost a sense of what you are doing and maybe even why?
  • Are you feeling cranky and dissatisfied with the way things are in your life and need a new perspective?
  • Is there something new that you really want to learn, and you need the time to immerse yourself in it?
  • Have you lost that old sense of adventure and want to find a way to get it back?

If you answer YES to three or more of the above, it may be time to consider taking a break! We encourage people to be proactive – make your plans to take a break before something, such as illness, forces you to do so.

When we say “a break,” it can be a month, two, six months or even a year. The more time, the greater impact it will have in changing your perspective and giving you the nurturance, experience, and opportunity to change bad habits, try new things, and come back to your life refreshed.  Rebooting is also for natural life transitions such as changing jobs or thinking about what’s after retirement.

Start to imagine, if you could, what would you do with time off? Once you are thinking about taking the leap, or have decided, it’s time to check out our book, or even better, come to our next Reboot Your Life Retreat next month, and start making concrete plans for your time off.  We want you can take full advantage of the opportunity of spring and plant the seeds now of a renewed, refreshed YOU!