Summer is here!  And with it, hopefully you have exciting plans for summer vacation.  It’s a wonderful time for everyone to refresh and reboot.  It’s also a great time to try out ideas of activities you would enjoy, new pursuits, and possibly a different place you’d like to live in retirement. 

A caution, though: if you’re not careful, vacations can be just as stressful as “regular life”!  Here are some important tips to make sure that you use your vacation time to fully “reboot”:

  • Detach completely from technology.  Turning away from technology and the media helps us empty our minds of the constant chatter, and allows us to find a deeper stream of ideas, insights, and recognition
  • Travel somewhere to explore.  It might be a place in which you would eventually want to live or do some volunteering.  If you’re staying home this summer, take some day trips
  • When you’re on vacation, journal everyday and keep postcards, thoughts, quotes, and photos all in the journal to capture the experience.  This can be especially helpful if you are contemplating retirement 
  • Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, try something new – movie, sport, museum, or activity like biking, etc.
  • Come home early enough from any trip to have a weekend to recoup, get organized, do laundry, relax and go to back work relaxed

With a little focus and attention, you can make any bit of summer vacation into your own mini Reboot Break.  And if you need some help and guidance in your Reboot plans, check out the retreats Reboot Partners are offering this summer and fall.