While many of us dream of taking three to six months off, or even a year, it sometimes takes awhile to make that a reality. It might be family obligations, career issues, or finances that prevent you from taking that time right now.

But there are ways you can create a “mini-sabbatical” experience in your current life. We write about this in our soon-to-be-published book, REBOOT YOUR LIFE. Here are some of the practical steps you can take:

If You Have a Week……

Don’t travel anywhere, but act like a visitor to your hometown. Take day trips, explore museums and historic sights. Eat at new restaurants. See things in a different light.

Don’t do errands or chores for a week or at least consolidate them into one or two days and leave whole days free to take classes, try some new sport, paint (a canvas, not a room!), go to a spa, meet friends for lunch, go to a movie marathon. The point is to give yourself downtime and not use the week to catch up on chores or other work.

Take an “inner journey” week and meditate, do yoga, write in a journal everyday, go to a palm reader or astrologer, read self-help books, go on a retreat……all to give you time yo think about yourself and your meaning in life.

If You Have a Month…..

Rent a house or trade your house for one in a different part of the  country or world…..anything to get you out of your known environment. Maybe you have friends or relatives interested in trading or there are many websites where houses for tade and rent are listed. One is www.homeexchanges.com.

Minimize your contact with work…..I did this for a month after empowering my employees and assuring them I would not be a “Monday morning quarterback”. It worked out great and even changed the way I manage. Disconnect. Do not check emails. Give yourself the chance to not get caught up in daily crises or dramas.

Plan your time off so you don’t waste it…….make a list of things you want to do, people you want to see, and places you want to go. Schedule them in like business or doctor meetings BUT also leave some days completely unscheduled and see what shows up. Scheduling downtime is as important as those things you want to do!

These mini-sabbatical experiences will get you ready for longer periods of time off, but also refresh you and help you to start balancing your life.

Get going and have fun!