“Life is a treasure hunt,” Mary said after recounting her experiences since she had attended a Reboot Your Life Retreat.  Her story of renewal was wonderful and, indeed, everyone had had challenges and had done amazing things in their lives related to the goals they dreamed and listed at their own RYL retreat.

What a great group!  Ten men and women came on March 18 to Rita’s house in Brooklyn from as far as LA and Boston and as close as Manhattan.  Some had met at a retreat a few months or several years ago; others had never met.  They caught up, explored, and shared.  The common thread, they agreed, was the striving to live a good and balanced life with less stress.  They’d come to review, among kindred souls, where they are on the journey.  Circle Goals were a catalyst or at least a starting point.

The first Reboot Your Life Reunion was an experiment.  Would the magic still be there? Would the individuals mainly relate to others they already knew or open themselves to new stories and new friends?  Bingo!

They all talked openly about their progress, a few goals yet unmet, and dreams for the future.  Everyone coached everyone, sometimes with gentle (or pointed) questions, sometimes with ideas tumbling out.  It was very rich and rewarding, with much energy and synergy.

Nearly everyone was happy with their life but they still sought that special purpose.  It exists for each of us – we just sometimes need to search for it, especially after a long career and in transition to the next chapter. Some had found it.  A light had lit.  “This is it.  I love it.”  We all reveled in the joy.  And we all listened to advice about staying engaged in looking for it.

After acknowledgment and encouragement all around, hors d’oeuvres gave way to a great dinner of beef and root vegetables with good wine and make-your-own sundaes. Then it was back to the workshop with new exercises on simplifying life.  It all sounds so serious, but we shared generous amounts of laughter as well.

At the end, there were hugs all around among new and old friends and talk of more reunions to come.  Rita had called it a tuneup and indeed it was.  Everyone said they loved it.

The next one is June 15 (dinner) and 16 (morning workshop) in Santa Fe at Cathy’s.  Everyone who is a Reboot Your Life Retreat veteran is welcome.  We’ll keep you posted about that and future reunions, but you can always check the website www.rebootbreak.com/events as well. Plan to come as often as you like to catch up and tune up and enjoy!