10 Ways to Change the Energy in your Home or Office: Based on Feng Shui Principals

by Debra Dunier

1. Wait until you are feeling strong, focused, and happy.  Light a candle and do some relaxation breathing.  Think good thoughts and inhale.  Imagine releasing that good thought into the room as you exhale.

2. Sense if any areas in the room feel stale.  Clap your hands several times in stagnant areas.

3. Are there parts of the room that feel chaotic?  Use a bell or gong to disperse energy in areas that feel chaotic.

4. Energy flows very quickly near doorways and windows and often get congested.  Use wind chimes as a way of slowing the energy down.  Choose a sound that you find pleasant.

5. Electromagnetic fields minimize your health and wellness.  Move computer screens and televisions further away from you.  Even a small difference in distance can make a big difference in your exposure.  Pull plugs out of the outlets when you are not using them.  Think of options to replace the use of some of the electric items you are using.

6. You will feel unsettled when you sit in a corner.  The energy moves very quickly in that kind of path.  Soften the edge of a corner with plants.  Rearrange your furniture so you are not sitting or sleeping in the corner of the room to avoid restlesness.

7. Best position for sitting in with your back against the wall.  In feng shui the wall represents the black tortoise which protects.  The front of your body will then face the red bird and you will be protected on the left with the dragon and right by the tiger.

8. If you cannot furnish with your chair to a wall, protect your back with a screen or tall plants.

9. Remove unpleasant energy with sea salt.  Put a bowl of water next to a bowl with a handful of salt.  Be peaceful and move your hand over the salt gesturing that you are taking the bad energy out of it and putting it in the water.  Do this 9 times.  Spill the water out and place the bowl of salt in the room for cleansing.  Change daily until the room feels fresh and peaceful.

10. Purchase lavender and sage smudge stick.  Light with a match and put the smoke throughout the room.  Be sure to put the smoke around doorways, drawers, and electrical outlets.  Feel the difference in the energy in the room as the smoke subsides.