Loving Summer But Ready for Fall:
Getting Back into the Groove.

Hello, Everyone,

We hope you have had a great summer full of sun, trips to the beach or mountains, vacations, barbeques and just hanging out. With beautiful weather in most places and the ability to be vaccinated and safely out more with others, we all are grateful for those interactions. 

As Fall approaches and kids go back to school, it makes us think of what do we need to learn or change in our lives. And the surge in Covid, especially in places where fewer people have been vaccinated, makes us continue to be cautious and thoughtful about what we do, as well as where we want to live and how we want to live.  

This is a time to take stock and think about what you want this next season to mean to you. Finding more time to be in nature – Is it drives through the country to see foliage? Long walks with your dog on the beach? Pursuing a new or old passion – art, music, handcrafts, exercise? Or taking steps to build on your career and life in a new way? ­– Taking a course from a local college? Going back to work in person? Reinvention? 

Here is an exercise we use at our retreats called Walking Meditation that can help you sort through and illuminate some of your thinking:

  1. Pick a park or beautiful trail in nature to walk for 20-30 minutes
  2. Before you go, write in a journal or notebook one or two questions you want to consider as you think about your ideal future 
  3. Go by yourself, don’t talk to anyone or even greet them … just concentrate on the questions even when your mind wanders
  4. When you return, write your observations in the journal and see what aha’s you might have.