We were happy to see this inspiring article by Briana Everett on Women’s Agenda, with great tips on making your sabbatical dreams a reality.  So much we agree with – about how important it is to make a personalized sabbatical plan, and to ignore the “should’s”:

Don’t make an assumption and say, ‘I can’t do that’ because that’s just sabotage. What if you could? Sketch out your dream scenario. It may be completely unrealistic, but don’t worry about that. Now, decide what’s realistic in regards to that. Find out what the company policy is because you might be surprised…There are no ‘shoulds’. It could be two months, it could be two years. It’s a really personal thing.

We also loved the questions suggested to look at when planning your time off: What is the sabbatical in service of?  Is it in service of you having a great experience, having a rest or learning?  What’s your goal for the sabbatical?  What compels you to do this? 

If you need some personal guidance making your own sabbatical plan, join us at our next Reboot Your Life Retreat – we can help you make a plan so you can stop day-dreaming and start taking your perfect Reboot Break!