The authors were pleased to receive this personal note of appreciation from a reader who found Reboot Your Life at the perfect moment in their journey.  Read her incredible comments below and then get a copy of the book for yourself or some one else in your life – who knows, it may be the perfect moment for them to Reboot!

I just wanted to express a reader’s gratitude for your wonderful book, Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break.

The book was a godsend in the first couple of months of a sabbatical I carefully considered and planned but did not have words to describe.  The book gave me a framework for conceptualizing a time that I desperately needed, and normalized the sabbatical process for me, as well as for those around me. Particularly helpful were the characterizations of sabbatical phases, tools for dealing with “sabbatical robbers” (Chapter 8), and re-entry approaches (Chapter 7).  I thank you for the comfort and inspiration I have drawn from your personal stories and sabbatical experiences of others.
I have recommended the book to friends and colleagues, and look forward to sharing it with others in the future.