Dear Reboot,


Here we are already in 2018.  We are filled with gratitude for all the goodness in our lives and much anticipation for the future.  As always, we Reboot Partners are doing our Circle Goals to map out what a balanced and best 2018 will look like with our important categories and goals. We shared them with each other, as we’ve done for ten years, to strengthen the goals and the resolve.  Have you done your Circle Goals?

We are excited about our 2018 Reboot Your Life Retreats, with the first one coming up March 9-11 in New York City. Others are June 8-10 in Sag Harbor, NY, and October 5-7 in Santa Fe. Each one will be very special. More detail is at our website,

The last 2017 retreat, in Cape Cod, was lovely, lively, and productive for all. The energy and sharing were exciting and included a walking meditation on the beach and, later, cocktails together on the beach at sunset. So, add the word inspiring!

In thinking about 2018, we are inspired by our friends and others who are supportive during times of joy as well as tension. These are divisive times – or they can be for many – so, it’s good to take time to be centered, do what makes you happy, and find those people whom you enjoy. Debate is good too, if kept civil.

Here’s a different and new way to plan for the new year by adding something positive and constructive to your January 2018 calendar each day. For example, “Jan. 12 – Put on some tunes. Music makes you more creative.” See the Happiness Calendar. The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley is a good resource.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2018,

Cathy Allen, Nancy Bearg, and Jaye Smith
Reboot Partners