“I feel this weekend was a tremendous gift to me on many levels.”

“This retreat provided excellent tools for repurposing your life — career and personal.  Wonderful support and role models were provided too.”

“The fact that you adjusted the program based on the needs and situations of the group was excellent.”

“The retreat was a road map for new paths in my life.  I’m so glad I did it.”

The leaves were’t quite turning yet, but Cape Cod in the fall proved to be a perfect location for the September 2012 Reboot Your Life retreat.  The participants came together and bonded quickly over issues of mutual interest, great local food (yes, including lobster and oysters), a gorgeous sunset at Skaket Beach, and their mutual desire to find new pathways in their lives.

“What are the key questions or criteria for deciding the next step?” they asked, as we got started Friday evening.  The next hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday revealed many of those all-important queries and many answers.

We never expect that everyone will find all the questions or answers at the retreat, but this group – like all our other groups – made impressive progress.  One participant put the results succinctly, “I feel like I have a road map now.”  Indeed, through the sharing, peer coaching, our presentations of information and resources, and just the magic that occurs when diverse individuals pool their energy to search for the best approaches to life journeys, all of us progressed along our paths and could see the necessary considerations and actions ahead.

As always at a RYL retreat, we discussed a large range of issues facing people who want to Reboot their Life by taking a break or starting a new chapter. The insights were helpful, interesting, intriguing, and sometimes even quite humorous.  A few of the issues receiving lengthy attention this time were the cycle of renewal, financial considerations, identity and relevance, re-connection, and the definition of success.  Reflecting some participants’ interest, we also discussed how to get on boards.

In the wrap-up, comments by the men and women who attended were that they were leaving happier and lighter, with clearer ideas or new ideas, with helpful strategies for handling major change, and with tools to help along the way.  They also had had a good time and made new friends.  Already they are talking about the Reboot Reunions planned for 2013 and figuring out whether they want to go April 14 (Brooklyn) or August 25 (Sag Harbor).

 We also announced the 2013 retreats:  Jan 18-20 in Santa Fe, NM; April 12-14 in Brooklyn, NY; Aug 23-25 in Sag Harbor, NY; and early October in Sun Valley, ID.  We hope you will join us.