If you know our book, or have attended one of our retreats, you are well acquainted with our popular exercise Goals Circle that we lead individuals through to help them determine the most important aspects of their life, and what they want to focus on for the coming year.  Reboot Partner Cathy Allen developed this exercise and first wrote about it in her book, The Artist’s Way at Work, as a way of creating a more balanced approach to life, and all of the Reboot Partners do them at the beginning of every year and share them with each other.  Here is a sample version:

Goals Circle

For Reboot Partner Rita Foley, creativity was a goal that became a more and more important “slice” of her Circle Goals pie.

It evolved over 2 years. In the first year, the goal was “finding my creative.” I had taken a photography course, bought a good camera, continued to hone writing skills, took a watercolor class, etc. This year “Photography” was a whole wedge in and of of itself and contained much more bold goals like creating and selling photographic note cards, which I did by May, and to offer to use my newfound skills by volunteering for a non profit who needed photography help – I did that at the Santa Fe Folk Art Festival in July. I joined a local group that assigns topics and then critiques each other photos once a month and continue to teach myself through reading and attended mini courses.  The big audacious goal was that rather than having a 60th birthday party, I wanted to have a photo show, and now I do, opening in December!  I am nervous about it but it can be something to look forward to all year.

We’re proud to announce Rita’s photography show – opening December 6th at Alternatives Gallery in New York City.  Congrats Rita!  Here’s to a Circle Goal achieved!