Two short weeks ago we hosted a Reboot Reunion in Brooklyn, New York for former retreat attendees. Always such a wonderful experience to reconnect and reassess goals! Soon after we received this wonderful letter from an attendee at the reunion. We are so glad she had such a great experience! Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes it takes time to realize how much we’ve accomplished, and other times we know and are ready to celebrate.  Regardless of where we were on that continuum, 13 of us gathered in Brooklyn on April 14 for the Reboot Your Life Reunion, for some amazing food, drink, company, discussion and a Reboot refresher.  Do you have food this wonderful at every retreat and every reunion?!  Is it always so tasty and healthful?! 

While we came from a few different workshops over the past 4 years, the reunion, or I’m gonna call it “refresh”, was the same investigating, pushing, supportive atmosphere. What impresses me is not only the intimacy of the gathering (wonderful food, welcoming location, small group), but also how impressive each individual is – diverse skills, backgrounds, and life circumstances, from different industries, some entrepreneurs and innovators.  The participants were smart, ambitious, and warm and real – honestly wrestling with things and genuinely successful.  We’d experienced or were in the middle of recent adoptions, recent deaths, long marriages, and looking for the landing in the career redirect.  I know I was frustrated that I’d not accomplished what I had thought reasonable for a year’s time frame… but the workshop reunion, and the thinking afterwards reminded me of the power of having written those goals down last year, and how so much of it HAD come true.

  • I had literally dozens of planned and unexpected opportunities to reconnect with family and friends last year (one of my goals had in fact been to reconnect with family and friends),
  • I had taken the time in my sabbatical (and afterwards) to volunteer with several good causes around my new city, and to explore museums and gardens and other organizations, as well as regional weekend trips. Yesterday, someone said to me “Yes, the New York Botanical Garden is in the Bronx. Thank you for knowing that! Most think we got married in Brooklyn.” 
  • I had wanted to build buffers – emotional, spiritual, financial, of my time – call it a counter-balance to my entrepreneurial and non-profit-y sides – asking for help more readily… and I truly felt more centered and myself – the basics of regular exercise, sleep and interaction have helped. And my skinny jeans fit now, even after the dryer!

Both last year at the retreat and this year at the “refresh”, I spoke about how much my music and singing centered and energized me; I would pour myself into the song’s story or message, communicate and connect with people. No matter how I have felt before a rehearsal or concert, no matter the themes of the songs, afterwards, I have always felt cleansed and joyful.  Now, while I didn’t meet my musical goal of doing a show this year, I have attended a few open mikes, and have a group of Rebooters and refreshers who are ready to come listen when I do.  What clicked in talking about this hobby-passion at the reunion, was that my next career didn’t need to be based only on my skill sets, but had to also be something that engaged my heart and passion. I wrote my pages the last few mornings, took the time to notice what has occurred this last year, as well as re-commit to my circle goals, I am feeling refreshed.

So, a week after the Reboot reunion or refresher, I’ve realized it stirred up thoughts, hopes, “don’t worry about that-s”, and a mindset shift, that has proved a quiet, slow, but huge shot in my arm.  And an energy boost that has stayed with me through our week of alternating winter and spring weather. Thanks, Sabbatical Sisters and fellow Rebooters/Refreshers!